Published on August 19, 2018 (Updated on August 19, 2018)

Kart Addon

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It's not very good because it replaces Spiders which forces you to keep your world to Easy+, can't you make it a custom entity so you can use it in Peaceful?
Nice addon. I really enjoy it.
Yeah I do but I'm going through it right now and there is nothing like this
The kart doesn’t work when I long press and doesn’t even show a drive option
Turn on behavior pack for a world.
JYF (JustAYugiohFan) August 22, 2018 at 12:41 am
This is so cool!!! I really appreciate your hard work!!
How is it legally punishable if it’s free? This is pretty funny you guys
Lol, like you can enforce: "ILLIGAL YOUTUBE DISTRIBUTION" I think I might make a video with this now. Lol.
If you are YouTuber and you do not want to have problems (fine for violation - court - prison) with violating copyright laws you must add into description MCPEDL download link of Minecraft Addon, which was used in video.

He can't enforce anything. Minecraft is not his property
He can only enforce it if he actually charged for the addon
There may be laws about reuploads, but a video containing the content?
He can't enforce anything. Minecraft is not his property
There aren't laws enforcing mods. he's just trying to scare you
I’m going to publish this to, I don’t need permission lel.
Do you know something called 'laws under section 17'?
So you are violating copyright laws under Section 17 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the United States of America, known as copyright infringement. You have no permission to share it there, so I'll take you to court and I will want to refund all damages, which you did to me.

Asking me for persmission to share by email ([email protected]) or Twitter (@Nogard_YT) is much much easier and you won't have problems with violating copyright laws in future.

I'm going to publish this to and you can't say anything about it cause I'm in the Caribbean and there is no law like this
Internet laws apply everywhere on the world.
The copyrights to creator of this addons, mcpedl don't have any rights
Wow nogard, you are cool :3