Published on July 27, 2016 (Updated on July 27, 2016)

Kawaii World Texture Pack [16x16]


Installation Guides

Update this please
If it has the gray download button it doesn't work the creator needs to add a new link.
Can you give the mobile download for the updated version. In the updated version, the beds have characters on them and there is pikachu armor.
Hey, hi :c the download doesn´t work
That is a lot of pink.
Hi Editor! I don’t know if you still look at the comments here, but can you please update the texture pack? This texture pack is AMAZING! It looks beautiful in Minecraft. It transforms the whole game into something bright and colorful! It just makes Minecraft look so colorful! It’s a wonderful texture pack, and it would mean a lot to everyone if you update the texture pack.
WeW i already have that!❤??????
I wish I can use this texture
It looks great, except there is not mcpe, it is only zip! I was really excited!
Catherine smith there is an app called MCPE addons and has this texture pack in it, just search kawaii and it should pop up
It’s for Android
It's so Otaku, please update it to 1.9
I cant get it sadly i5 just keeps going to my iCloud Drive ☹️
I love this texture pack! Although, every time I try to install it, the texture pack does not show up in my options despite the file being there. I don't know why, but can someone help me with that? Note: I play Minecraft: for Windows 10.
Hi, creator. I play on Pocket Edition, which was recently updated. I was wondering if there was any chance you could update the texture pack so that I may be able to enjoy my worlds in all the pack's beauty. I have some HUGE worlds that I have been building in for years now and they only look good in The Kawaii Texture because that was the intended pack... I hope that whenever you get the chance you can update this because I would really appreciate it and I'm sure other people would too. It's really lagging my devices to try and use and making my world black. I'm assuming this has something to do with how old this pack is so it would be beyond amazing if you could look into this.
Thanks, Elise.
I followed the guide to put the texture pack on minecraft but why doesn't work? Pls fix this I really want to use this texture pack. Pls reply quickly.