Published on October 28, 2019 (Updated on October 28, 2019)

KC - Graveyard Grief

Graveyard Grief is a single-player wave-like game where you defeat mobs and buy upgrades. There are 20 waves, each with scaling difficulties, and new mobs every few round. Defeating the boss of said new mob will reward you with a new enemy and a large amount of points. Points are the currency in Graveyard Grief, and are used to buy the upgrades mentioned earlier. You can buy potion effects, weapons, armor, and enchants if you save up enough. After beating the game the first time, you will unlock new things to test out. Maybe you should see what they do?...


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This map sucks. Every time that I go through doors, I get tp'd to a obsidion box.
That’s because your bad at this game
newer version? fine