Published on August 05, 2019 (Updated on October 19, 2021)

Keeper Creeper Add-on - Now With Mini Versions

Having the ability to keep a creeper as a pet always seemed ... nuts. Absolutely nuts. They explode!! Blow creations to little bits. Blow players to little bits. Blow your favorite mending chestplate, protection IV - to bits. They don't care. Care factor of zero. Who would want one as a pet??

Who wouldn't.

Now available in miniature for easy storage and extra cuteness.

We'll call them Keeper Creepers - creepers that you keep. And, we'll make them very hard to find. And, harder to tame. Because if you want a pet that can blow your house to bits, you should have to work for it.

Mini Keeper Creepers

Find these wee beasties in the mesa biomes, around sunrise or sunset. Tame with gunpowder and they'll follow you around scaring away regular creepers that stray too close. These guys are regular little watchdogs.

Heal them with gunpowder or TNT. Once tamed you're able to sit them.

Regular Keeper Creepers

Regular size and so much more dangerous than their miniature buddies. But they'll fight for you! Just don't light one with a flint and steel. Especially when it's right next to your super duper XP farm. It won't end well. Backup those worlds, people.

You can find these monsters (mostly) where you can find wolves. Taiga biomes. Tame them (haha) TRY to tame them with TNT blocks. You've got a 30 percent chance each TNT block. And less than a second to try it on. Blast Protection is not a bad idea....

You can also breed them! Give them some TNT, and you'll have your very own, very cute, baby Keeper Creeper.

Here's Foxy Da Pirate's cool review, check it out!

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To the explosive youtubers out there, if you do a review/showcase, thank you! Please link back to *this page* on mcpedl. Cheers!

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Added the mini keeper creeper, minor changes and bugfixes elsewhere.


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Were gonna do some little trolling
i have no words for this addon
can you make them dyeable? so you can change the color? Thanks if not that's ok

How many can you have?
probaly as much as you want as long as it doesn't lag-- xD
I Love this addon I used it in my 1.12 server, The addon works on 1.13 also?
Hey good work, and yes it does.
Cool But Everytime I Spawn A Creeper It Crashes
So uh... all memes aside, I just tested this with your other mob addons and it seems compatible... but I’m not sure... Should they be compatible
G'day LinkSans

Thanks for trying our mobs. Yep they're all compatible. We run all of our mods on a survival server. =D

(We're definitely enjoying the memes.)
Yes, they all work together no problem.
Side to side, side side to side
Got our pickaxe swinging side to side, side side to side.
Cuz baby tonight...

The creepers gonna steel our stuff again
Keep the song going August 06, 2019 at 9:53 am
Side side to side
So we be back in the mine