Published on February 17, 2022 (Updated on April 11, 2022)

Keks Hub

Mini addon about farming, adventure, magic. Discord created by the Keks Hub team. In the addon +10 cultures, +30 different food, +10 blocks, 3 mobs, unique blocks, new caves, new geodes, new trees.Addon just blooms

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  • Botanist temporarily does not sell anything!
  • Leaves temporarily drop nothing.
  • A lot of mobs have been remived.
  • A lot of blocks and food have been removed.
  • Added food information
  • Now the gray foliage has its own color.
  • All crates have been changed to a different texture.
  • Translation into Russian has become more correct.
  • When fishing, there is a chance to get items from the addon.
  • Added Crafting Table from different planks.
  • Removed biomes from addon.
  • Now from KH planks you can craft various items.


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Bro the new update is the worst downgrade in human history, i would give you a Guinness Award for that if a could.

Like, i don't get the point of removing items permanently, and making some entities completely useless.
does it use player.json or ui
This mod has a lot of good things, and bad things. The pack has a lot of missing or blank textures, random golems spawning in the middle of no where, and palm logs just randomly disappear. It is a HUGE ripoff of popular Java mods, including Farmer’s Delight, Biomes o Plenty, Aquaculture, and Neapolitan. If you give credit to these creators, that would fix the problem. Also the capitalization format is awful. For example: Spawn Furnace golem, instead of Spawn Furnace Golem.
Hi, this mod looks so good ♥ though i'm having an issue in my realm where all of the crops just pop out of the ground when planting them, would you know how i could fix this please? thank you.
Hello Adam PS,
I'm HermitMiyu from NPT-a China translation team ,can I sole agency your resources and translate them to China Resource platform?
they are not for any business or embezzlement,and we will annotate the information about you and your resources !
This is a great addon, but you should add more information and images about the features of this addon.
Thanks for the feedback, we will try
El addon se ve chulo, lo probare y si me gusta le haré un review :D
Gracias por los comentarios, es muy agradable!
It is seen that it is a very good addon, it is also very complete, but information is missing on how to get some things, is there a Review video of the addon?
Gracias por los comentarios, estamos desarrollando un sitio con todas las artesanías, gotas, etc.
hi, this looks like a great addon and I would love to help. I already have some code and textures from one of my mods which I haven't finished, but I think you could use. I can code and do texturing to an extent. if you think I could be of any help please reply
Thanks for the feedback, we already have a team, sorry