Kelly’s Minecraft Vanilla RTX Conversion Pack (Fixed For New Update!) v1.0.5

This is a simple vanilla texture pack/conversion for RTX on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition! It’s for the most part an exact conversion, and all non-moving things have been converted. Everything has had special care, and tweaking put into it! 🙂

EVERYTHING THAT DOES NOT MOVE, has been converted from a simple vanilla to a very fancy, and flashy texture pack. Every block that should glow, glows. Everything that should be smooth and slippery, is smooth and slippery. This may seem like just an ordinary vanilla-to-RTX conversion, but this one has a twist! This pack has a few special, and fun glowing blocks! They can be used for testing, or they can be used for fun scenes. It’s up to you really. And to access those blocks, when creating a world you wanna activate the Education Edition setting. Those are what supply you with the Elemental blocks, which are transformed into the fun blocks with their own properties. So yes! This does mean that you no longer have to sacrifice concrete, terracotta, or clay in order to have the shiinyy liiights!! Therefore this pack is excellent for worlds that were normally vanilla, that you wanna add a very nice touch too! The extra blocks include may colors of lights, a warm and cold version of a white light, an EXTREMELY bright spot light block, a few disco and colorful tiles, along with a few fun materials like brushed Aluminum, and Copper! (By the way, for the blocks to work properly, make sure the texture pack is activated on that world, and not just as a global resource)

Changelog View more
I completely overhauled the iron stuff! Now they look more like iron, and like something that would be a proper conversion rather than Bumpy mirrors. I also changed the Lapis, diamond block, emerald block, the special iron block, the grass, and fixed a few of the names for the special blocks! There's also a few fixes, like the sides of the sandstone, along with the mine cart rails!

HELLO EVERYONE!! I got this working on the new update, so that's awesome!! Everything works just fine, except for the spare blocks. ya see, the new update made them no longer visible in the menu, in it's own little tab... So instead, you're going to have to search for it manually. Here are the options: Red Light, Orange Light, Yellow Light, Green Light, Cyan Light, Blue Light, Purple Light, Magenta Light, Normal White Light, Cold White Light, Warm White Light, Mirror, Black and White Tiles 1, Black and White tiles 2, Black and White Tiles 3, Block of Iron Red Glow,  Blue Glowstone, Red Glow Stone, Green Glow stone, Spot Light, Disco Block 1, Disco Block 2, Disco Block 3, Disco Block 4, Brushed Aluminum, Blue Lamp, Maroon Concrete, Copper, and Tungsten Carbide. Those are all the special blocks. There really isn't much else to that, besides have fun!! OH! And I have made quite a few changes. I have fixed the quartz, So smooth and normal quartz are now tiled, with the smooth being smooth.. I changed the stems quite a bit, Adjusted the brightnesses of the light blocks, changed the water, and probably a bunch of other small stuff.. Anyways, I hope you guys have fun! And let me know if there is anything I should change/fix <3


UPDATE!! I changed the lava, the sea lantern/glow stone... Added a few more plant blocks, fixed unfinished textures.. And changed the nether portal! I can't really name everything, because this update is all over the place lol.

A small change to the description. I'll get an update out soon!


IF YOU DO NOT OWN MINECRAFT WINDOWS TEN, WHILE BEING SUBSCRIBED TO THE RTX BETA PROGRAM, THIS WILL NOT WORK!! I cannot stress this enough... If you play on mobile, or on any other platform, this will not work. You have to have an RTX-Series card for it to work, unless you are one of those people who can get around that.. and if you can, props to you! To download, you simply click on the download link, and open it with Minecraft! You're downloading a .mcpack file, so it should be real simple! REMEMBER! If you're installing a new update, delete the old version!!


Supported Minecraft versions

RTX Beta



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148 Responses

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  1. DaFragileTomato says:

    lol i read all the comments and replies xD

  2. Next update, I’ll have a version with glowing ores as well!

  3. SKA says:

    That’s an excellent tools.
    But the trouble is No REPLACED BLOCKS AND TEXTURES.
    You can do it as an addon

  4. Blue Ouija says:

    This pack is incredible! And exactly what I was looking for. Just a few questions:

    1. The light blocks (the ones that you can only access with commands) don’t function with RTX on. Are there any plans to fix this? Lighting with raytracing is really moody (I can barely see when caving and have to turn it off), so these would be great for adventure maps.
    2. Is it possible to make chain, iron, gold, diamond, and netherite armor/tools/weapons shiny or reflective as well? I understand if it’s not since they’re items you only use/equip, and not blocks you can place down.
    3. Is it possible to increase how far light from light sources appears to reach without overexposing everything? Like I said, the lighting is moody and dark. Again, I understand if it’s not since that variable may be out of your control.

    Again, this texture pack is amazing, and I look forward to seeing what people do with RTX related texture packs in the future.

    • Blue Ouija says:

      ᶦˢ ᶦᵗ ᵇᵃᵈ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᶦ ʷᵃⁿᵗ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵃᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ˢˡᶦᵐᵉ ᵇˡᵒᶜᵏˢˀ

    • Okayyy… So for question 1, the only blocks that work as lights with RTX off, are the vanilla ones obviously… Because in order for them to light up, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be more than texturing, and more modding. By the way!! You no longer have to search for them via commands, just look at the bottom pic lol!

      For question 2! For now, sadly you cannot… NO ONE can, because there is no entity or item support for this stuff (Ikr, it really sucks.. I want it so freaking bad, lol) But that’s just how things will be for now.. Basically anything that moves, that is considered an entity cannot be textured with those properties, including like mobs, items, armor, and even stuff like shulkers and bells.

      For question 3.. The only thing I can suggest, is when getting light to reach far, without having that extreme exposure, is like.. Putting a lot of dim lights together, so their weakness adds up to be brighter, but the overall exposure and such won’t be crazy insane. Sadly, there is no way to change the exposure and such via texture pack at the moment (if not ever, it depends really)

      And again, thank you so much!! It really makes me happy that people are enjoying this.. Honestly, I didn’t even think this many people would use it lol!

      • Blue Ouija says:

        Oh, uh… Sorry. The light blocks you get with /give @p light_block, not the ones in Education Edition. For some reason, they don’t work with RTX on.

        They really should allow for entities to be textured with raytracing. I wanna see a shiny iron golem. But I guess we’re currently at the mercy of the devs.

  5. 5T4RR says:

    can i adjust the bump mapping? the bumpy grass is too much. and the torches dont illuminate surroundings enough for survival

  6. Herogamer340 says:


  7. IBLESKIM says:

    every thing is working well I like the new iron block texture

  8. AwesomeSauce3000 says:

    Don’t have an Xbox series x 🙁 but if i get one ill download it

  9. Gonna throw out an update here soon

  10. SKA says:

    Did you test it on xbox series X and PS5

  11. RookiePaw says:

    I really like how this pack looks (not that my laptop supports it :p). When I get a PS5, I will be using this pack for sure!

  12. IBLESKIM says:

    I just updated it and it didn’t fix the textures do you know why this is

    • Honestly, I don’t knoowwww…. It’s worked for everyone else! All that I can suggest, is that 1: Delete anything related to me or my pack off of minecraft, 2: Re-install the pack, and 3: Make sure you’re not using it as just a global resource, and actually load into a world with it selected as the top resource pack in the world settings.

  13. LittleDro11 says:

    Awesome texture pack but I couldn’t find the spare blocks.

  14. AwesomeSauce3000 says:

    Um hi can you please show how the ores look. do they look like normal ores or do they glow. If they glow I’ m really looking foward to download this shader

  15. ThaGamingWolf says:

    I installed the add-on on my phone like an idiot. I knew it wouldn’t work on android but I didn’t expect it to steal all my water, jeez!

  16. Oh, GUYS!!! I WAS WRONG, WHEN THE UPDATE COMES, THE SPECIAL BLOCKS ARE IN A DIFFERENT TAB!! They were originally in the nature tab, but never mind, they’ve been moved to the furniture tab ((The one with the bed, torch, and water bucket.))

  17. Alrighty guys! The update is now out. You just gotta give it like a day so it gets accepted

  18. Nicinator says:

    There was an update of the RTX beta recently. And with this update every RTX pack isn’t working anymore. We all need to create a json file for every single texture we made. Because that is a very annoying process, I will write a program that generates the json files automatically. It will be finished tomorrow. If you want to have this program as well, you can write me a message on discord. My name is Nicinator#0739

  19. Steeeeve says:

    You even said your brother got around some RTX issues, so why not get him to get GTX going on some RTX features that are potentially capable of running on there then?

    • What in the hell are you talking about? He was able to run RTX shaders on a GTX card cuz he found a way to bypass something that stopped him. A lot of GTX cards can “RUN” Rtx, but that does not mean that it will do it nicely. With a powerful GTX card you’re looking to get like what… 10 fps at the most? They don’t have the necessary components needed to do real time ray tracing. And do me, and many people here a massive fucking favor, and stop talking here. I have seen the kind of toxic shit you say and throw around in soooo many other posts, and honestly it just upsets me. There are people who are trying to have fun with their packs and what not, and then you come around and turn the comments into a very toxic, and unenjoyable time. So do me a massive favor, and just STOP. You’re making yourself look so damn dumb, and I do not want that for you.

    • PadawanOz says:

      Just to explain the differences between what’s available and what you want i would like to point out that the windows 10 RTX beta has all the ray tracing built into the program. Mojang themselves are the ones that put a limit on which GPUs can run the program. NVIDIA has made drivers to assist the GTX cards in running RTX programs. However in order to do this the GTX cards don’t actually run the full realtime ray-tracing. they run a lighting software similar to it. The Java version of minecraft which is coded in Java has many mods and shaderpacks that emulate this. The Windows 10 version, which is coded in C++ and has significantly less leeway in terms of modding, is being programmed by Micrsoft and Mojang to support the RTX features. When people make these RTX texture packs they are simply supplying minecraft with a set of images to use instead of the ones it has by default. Each block is made of three images: the physical image, the MER image, and the Normal image. these three images are as simple to as a standard non-RTX texture pack. These textures aren’t even strictly for use of RTX. they can be used by any realistic lighting shader. A person looking to make a texture for either RTX or standard minecraft requires no prior knowledge of coding or game design. All they need to know is which image layer does what. The packs are nothing but .PNG files. Any other questions can surely be answered on the Minecraft or NVIDIA websites.

    • Rispyif says:

      Lets make this simple
      You can’t.

    • Blue Ouija says:

      Look. You want it to run on your device? First, you gotta download Xbox Insider on the Microsoft Store app. Then, you subscribe for the RTX beta. If you can’t do that, that’s because you don’t have a compatible GPU or haven’t found a way to make your GPU compatible (like Kelly’s brother apparently did). Until you can do that, any raytracing texture pack isn’t going to do shit for you. Get that done first, then come here for a texture pack.

  20. Steeeeve says:

    Kelly, leave me alone, stop trying to push me back from success, I will not tolerate this BS until you quit it. You have no respect for others from considering that it’s possible to get RTX-like textures for GTX, you have no rights to do this to me at all. Idc what you think, you just don’t believe that it’s possible because you haven’t tested it yet, besides the point, we don’t need RTX Packs because we already have the RTX Beta that does it for us. If you want to upload a pack on here, it must work for everyone to be more popular, not just a small percentage of people. Your curriculum of making a RTX Pack is pointless as for considering the fact that we already have RTX features for Windows 10 on the RTX Beta. You haven’t said that you tried implementing some RTX features to GTX which means you need to start testing it now. The longer you wait, the less attention you get for it. Make a choice Kelly, would you rather make an RTX-like Pack that works for GTX or would you rather change your self-esteem in a bad way?

    • Ohh nooooooo…. I am sorry for getting upset at you for being a complete jerk to otttheeers, and uhh… COMPLETELY IGNORING WHAT PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO TELL YA! Seriously man, I don’t WANT to get famous or popular, I made this pack because I believe it reaches my own standards, and it makes me happy. it’s not my fault you’re so damn but hurt about not being able to use this damn pack cuz of not having an RTX-capeable card. Also, does your ass get jealous of the constant shit that comes out of your mouth? Seriously, I would like to inform you, that GTX is NOT anything related to any sort of minecraft shader packs. It’s literally a branding name, a name for a generation of graphical-processing chips developed by NVIDIA. If you want “GTX Shaders” Go get minecraft java edition, and go install SEUS Renewed or BSL shaders or somethin. And I’m not trying to “Push you back from success”, I’m pushing you back from seeming like an even bigger dum dum, because you won’t listen to anyone who actually is trying to help you understand something. What you do not understand, is that WINDOWS RTX does NOT have its own texture pack. it’s just using real time ray tracing as a way to render, and process the properties of the textures on any block or surface. NVIDIA has not, and probably will not make a texture pack for RTX, which is why I made my own, because I like how mine looks. If you were to just use RTX without a texture pack, everything is going to look smooth and plasticy, almost nothing will glow, and or show properties of what that block is supposed to look like. Via bumps, roughness, or reflectiveness. You act like not making a “RTX-Like Pack that works for GTX” is going to turn me into some world-wide villan, who had potential to become something amazing, but chose a wrong path and became some useless soul that had potential, but threw it away cliche. So seriously, get the hell out of my comments with this shit, and LEAVE OTHER PACK DEVELOPERS ALONE, Because you have said this dumb stuff elsewhere. I’m just some 16 year old dude who wanted to make something neat, and here you are plaguing my comments with this stupid, and very unnecessary drama. And you are gonna tolerate this BS, Because I have to fucking deal with yours! Get your head out your ass and LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO TELL YOU!

    • JPG YT says:

      Steeeve You are an absolute moron If you think you can run RTX on a piece of crap GTX Card? Sorry For Being Harsh, But It’s Not Possible Your GTX Card Might As Well Just Blow Up…

  21. SaplingDropInTheForest says:

    Gonna download tho although i’m using my phone :L

  22. Steeeeve says:

    Why are you so rude now? That’s not nice T_T

  23. Steeeeve says:

    Some of it is working

  24. Steeeeve says:

    I’m testing some of the features of the Shader Pack Code, not quite there yet but I’m working on it

  25. Steeeeve says:

    Welp, looks like I’m gonna have to find out a way to do it myself if you’re really that lazy when clearly you made a RTX Pack, Cya.

  26. Steeeeve says:

    And piss off Salam, I know anything is possible, you need to stop being disrespectful to others too. I’m starting to think you’re the real kid here because of how you reacted to me and my comment. You should be disgraceful of yourself because of that, and I’m not even a kid anymore so it’s time to stop being rude about other people. GTX would be possible for similar RTX specifications but it shouldn’t have DirectX Ray-Tracing because only RTX has the power to handle it. Some people said it was impossible to use Spectator Mode in Bedrock but the entire time, it was actually possible. It’s the same for this pack, this pack is also a more bug-fixed version of RTX on Windows 10 because I know that it uses Shader Files and Texture Files that originally came from Minecraft’s Default Pack. So guess what Salam? I just out-smarted you with actual intelligence that you don’t even have, so sit down kiddo, it’s time to go back to class.

    • Do you have to really be like this? You’re asking something thats kinda strange.. Something that shouldn’t be asked here for sure. You dont go Into the comments of an RTX texture pack, only to ask for a different type of shaders. Someone have have to create an entirely new system, and most likely re make the ENTIRE SHADING ENGINE. Minecraft bedrock is not in Java, so that’s probably why it’s a lot harder to slap on some shaders, or add some random mods that make the game extremely dynamic. If you want shaders ai damn bad, go to the Java edition of Minecraft with your GTX card, and get SEUS Renewed, or Sildurs Vibrant Shaders. I mean no disrespect but you shouldn’t be giving that type of response, maybe you should sit with him and learn as well.

    • JPG YT says:

      So You’re Telling Me A GTX Would Be Able To Handle Minecraft RTX, Yet A GTX Can’t Even Get 60 Frames In Fortnite? Lol

      • Lol, I mean a GTX can get 100+ fps! *Ahhehehem GTX 1080ti* but like, they don’t have the cores and such for it.. So likeeee… The more powerful ones could get like I dunno.. 5-10 fps maybe? maybe way less? I dunno.

    • IBLESKIM says:

      you can buy a 2060 for about $300 then you can just use normal rtx instead of complaning about rtx for gtx

    • Nicinator says:

      You said that this pack uses shader files. That’s not actually true. It only uses texture files to tell the game how the material properties of a block should be. It basically works without any shader files at all. Because the game itself has this included in the rendering engine.

  27. Steeeeve says:

    Think about it Kelly, instead of RTX features for GTX, we could use Shader Pack Features instead so then we still get a similar result except there won’t be DirectX Ray-Tracing because that’s what GTX can’t handle most of the time. So imagine your pack here, think about how you can simplify the powerful features into a standard that GTX can run on. Imagine your RTX pack in your head and figure out a solution to convert some features of it to run on GTX, make it have a similar look except it’ll have some disadvantages. RTX uses DirectX Ray-tracing so that means we need to scrap the DirectX features for Ray-Tracing and then it’ll possibly run on GTX. And besides Kelly, you’re saying that you can’t do it because you haven’t actually coded it in and tested it already. The reason why DirectX needs to be scrapped for GTX is because the DirectX features use more power and higher standards for Ray-Tracing itself. Don’t be afraid that it won’t work, just try your best, I believe in you Kelly, most people say anything is possible and you can do exactly that too. You’ve made an RTX pack, so try doing again except scrap some features that GTX can’t handle. You can do this Kelly, just give it a go, there’s no pressure for you if you know a lot about coding. Think about how much attention you’ll get once you finally completed it, you could sky-rocket on the internet! And Kelly, if you want to be able to see if it works for GTX, you need a GTX Graphics Card to test it.

    • Why are you like… Using fame as some sort of treat on a stick to get me to do something? Look man, I’m only 16. And I don’t necessarily know how to code. I know some of C#, but that’s it. These requests that you make can easily be done on Minecraft Java edition, and they already have. The GTX 10 series is becoming quite outdated, and the reason why RTX cards can run RTX so well, is because they have a special component that can do that, it’s something about RTX cores, like a little processor juuust for real time ray tracing. I could be wrong, but I’m just saying what I think. GTX cards CAN run Nvidias DirectX Ray Tracing, but it’s probably very difficult to enable, and you’ll probably end up with like 5-10 FPS. You’re gonna have to ask others for this request of yours. I’m here to make a texture pack for ray traced Minecraft, because I would prefer ray traced Minecraft more than any other option.

    • JPG YT says:

      btw the pack has nothing to do with how RTX works steeeeve, the pack is just a normal pack, but with RTX Nvidia can change the way the game looks like, so stop acting like he can control his pack being able to run RTX on a GTX! You Would Need To Talk To Nvidia about that…


    How is this not for Pocket Edition when its on a mobile website

  29. scream123 says:

    id get this but, my computer is 10 years old. and vanilla minecraft makes it go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so sadly i cant risk my computer dying

  30. Steeeeve says:

    Thanks Kelly, but I think you should also add a GTX subpack of this and then we could get a similar performance but it has to have disadvantages to use GTX on this type of pack. It’ll be tough but I think you can do it.

    • Madlad3718 says:

      This pack is not a shader pack, it just provides Minecraft’s path tracing engine with the information on how light interacts with each surface in the game. There is no coding or custom modification here, and so the same rules apply to all Minecraft RTX compatible resource packs. You still need an RTX graphics card and need to be in the RTX beta.

    • I can’t!! How would I do that? It’s not the pack that won’t allow you to use the shaders, it’s just RTX in general. GTX cards (or the 10 series) will not work with any pack with this intended purpose of RTX shaders.

    • SalamUchiha says:

      How do you manage to reach this level of stupid? GTX cards don’t have raytracing, RTX cards do. Instead of asking someone else to solve impossible problems, why don’t you take it upon yourself to buy a new gpu or laptop? The amount of entitlement I’ve seen from foolish kids like you on mcpedl is ridiculous. Ray tracing is for people with RTX cards, if you don’t have one then too bad. Go play outside or something. Stop commenti

  31. Call Of Nothing says:

    İmagine Using This
    This Post Was Made By İntegrated Graphics Gang

  32. Samuelaaron says:

    Hey can you make it for iPad iOS to?

  33. springbonnie87DFF says:

    is it okay if I use this on my horror map that I’m creating?

  34. Syimkon says:

    This web just for mcpe,not windows

  35. MrGalfano7899 says:

    I do not know how you made a beautiful PBR texture pack in one week. It baffles me how perfect it is. I’ve been working on my own texture pack for 2 months and I can’t even finish it, so the fact that you made this in one week is incredible. Great job, you should be proud of yourself!

  36. minecraft is my Iife says:

    Thank you for making this pack. Now I can play RTX everywhere without using a map!

  37. naahsiiopp says:

    This is probably the best RTX pack i’ve used, It performs very well on my 2070 and there is barley any lag and im getting 70+ fps at 1440p.

  38. IBLESKIM says:

    this works for me without any problems one thing could you make the glass look like normal glass with the borders and stuff

  39. Hermit says:

    hello KellyTheDerg,
    I’m hermit ,Can I reprint your Kelly’s Minecraft Vanilla RTX Conversion Pack in to mcboxs?it not for commercial use and i willIndicate original author and source!

  40. Steeeeve says:

    Wait, if people can make RTX Shaders and Textures, what if we could make it for GTX? I see that being possible since most people are bringing in RTX Packs for Bedrock, however, what if we had a similar look of RTX but on GTX, could it be possible after all this time? Because I think we can do it, we could make A Low-Budget RTX Pack that is compatible for GTX on Bedrock Windows 10 and that would be a genius idea! Kelly, contact every other RTX Pack creator, we’re about to make history.

    • Well uhh.. I’m sorry to ruin the mood bud, but the textures are 100% reliant on the RTX feature. I’m pretty sure it is possible to get these shaders running on a GTX car, but 1: It will be very difficult, and 2: It probably won’t even be playable! RTX cars have it’s very own special component that allow it to efficiently ray trace in real time! If you want something similar to this, but with a GTX card without the hassle, get java edition, get OPTIFINE, and get SEUS PTGI shaders!

    • I’m afraid that’s not quite how it works, mate. This isn’t a shader. This is a texture pack only. The “shader” aspect of it is built into the GAME, not this PACK. This pack only tells the code that’s already in the game how shiny/reflective/glowing to make each texture. In other words, this pack does not add the shading, it simply tells the already existing shading what to look like.

      And if it’s any comfort, I imagine when the RENDERDRAGON system is fully released, there will be parts of it that can run on systems without RTX cards, including phones. Nothing this fancy but maybe some better shadows and ambient inclusion.

    • JPG YT says:

      OMG, You can use the texture pack for Minecraft vanilla if you have a GTX card you just can’t run RTX!

  41. LAgamer says:

    heres a much better way to get minecraft rtx like graphics on a windows 10 computer without an rtx graphic card:

    1: download minecraft java edition
    2:download and install optifine 1.14.4
    3:download BSL shaders
    4:download hardtop vanillaccurate texture pack for minecraft java
    5: apply both the shader and texture pack
    6: use

    going through this whole process is better then having to buy a new pc with rtx grahics card and getting minecraft rtx beta.

    • BliX5 says:

      Firstly, some people like to play on bedrock edition. Secondly, Minecraft Java with shaders can get a lot laggier than Bedrock RTX. Also, in my opinion, the Bedrock RTX looks much better than even the SEUS PTGI shaders for Java. If you don’t like bedroxk edition, then you shouldn’t be on this site. Just because you don’t prefer what the creator made doesn’t mean you have to give them a 1-star review. Please stop being toxic.

    • Yea… Blix5 is right, plus BSL shaders isn’t even something fancy, or special. It looks nice, but it does not even have path/ray traced shadows. Also.. Out of ALL of the texture packs, why would ya add this as a response to mine, then add a 1 star review?!

    • I think you hoped that this would work with you device and when it didn’t you decided to write a rage comment. As has been said this is way different than a Java shader, they’re not even really the same thing. And really man, this isn’t an advertisement for RTX cards, just a way for those who have them to make the most use of them.

      If you’d rather play Java edition and use OptiFine shaders, go right ahead! No one’s stopping you. But this is a website for Bedrock edition content and as such, your comment isn’t really that relevant. Sorry!

    • IBLESKIM says:

      you don’t have to buy a new pc you can just swap out your gpu for something newer that has RTX if all you want to do is play Minecraft this wwould be the smart thing to do

    • SalamUchiha says:

      You’re jealousy is blatantly pitiful, pathetic, and laughable. Die mad

  42. Cheeseland says:

    Nice work, good to see another RTX pack for the community

  43. Nicinator says:

    Can you please credit me for using 107 of my files?


    can you make rtx shader ?😀😀😀😀😀

  45. Armando_YT says:

    ¿you have to have an rtx graph????

  46. Like three things. Firstly, this looks cool! Props to you for the good work.

    Secondly, is the glazed terracotta coming the future? I don’t specifically use the block but I’d prefer to have them all if possible, u know?

    Thirdly, there is no way to run Minecraft RTX on anything other than an RTX card. It’s literally too intensive to operate on anything else. There isn’t a workaround. The next-gen consoles will probably will be able to run it tho, so you could mention that. But I would recommend that u get rid of the line that says “Unless u know how to work around it.” Cuz u rly can’t.

    I’ll give this a try later. Thanks for the great work!

    • I mean, I’ve even had a brother who got around it! Bbbuuuttt that does not mean he had any where near 60 FPS lol, and well… I replaced glazed terracotta WITH the glowing blocks, and some other stuff because Me, and I’d assume others really like messing around with the ooo, pretty liiights! If enough people would rather have the glazed terracotta.. Then yes, I will add it back as is in the default game! And thank you, I was hoping that this would get some people happy <3

      • Oh I see. Yeah, the glowing blocks are good. I was just concerned that there were textures that hadn’t been touched, which breaks the immersion.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of workaround, but when I first replied I looked it up and didn’t find any so. Sorry to disbelieve you!

  47. UnknownYet says:

    All height maps are randomized
    Its just some MER maps took a bit of work + we already have better of these (crystal palace RTX)

  48. SrInaki says:

    I like so much the redstone effect. Good job!

  49. Best RTX pack I’ve used, good job!

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