Published on August 24, 2021 (Updated on September 01, 2021)

Keplerians Horror Addon

Hi, I'm Vince Louis. I am one of the helpers on Lilcraft YT's addon "The Keplerians Addon". Today i tried to make my own addon with the real game textures. I hope you like it!

Original Games from Keplerians Team And I'm a supporter of them

First, This addon adds one of the most legendary enemy in all mobile horror games by Keplerians Team

Evil Nun:

Second, our famous Meat seller (Psychopath) Mr.Meat:

Third, our very popular Ice Cream seller.

Rod Sullivan:


It's EvilNun but she's normal and her Name is Sister Madeline SM

I will add more characters soon if you like my addon. Also i already add more characters on my Channel.

Please comment who's characters next i add to this addon.(Only Keplerians universe)

Select version for changelog:


Keplerians Horror Addon V2!!!

Sister Madeline Added (SM)!

Bug Improvements!

All their voices fixed



Find "Downloads" in your Browsers. Tap the file and tap open and select Minecraft.

The addon will automatically Imported to Minecraft but Activating it is manual


  • Keplerians_Horrors_V2.mcaddon (4.97 MB)

Installation Guides

please add boris , mini rods , jay , sister madeline , sister enda , joseph , police from mr meat and other characters such as gummy , mr meat's daughter , doctor
Can you add the sister nun and gummy?
Ofcourse! I already added them and uploaded the new versions on my channel "Vince Louis Horror Games" I uploaded it on my YT and late here on mcpedl