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Published on February 21, 2021 (Updated on March 31, 2021)

Kervaal's Pack

Hello, my name is Kervaal; this is my texture pack I created out of boredom.

Everything in this pack is based off of my own view of how Minecraft should look, the pack will update as my tastes change or I feel that something doesn't fit the RPG-like theme!

Welcome to my resource pack!

I tried to capture a sense of wonder within my texture pack, basing it off of RPG's and my own sense of taste, if there are any bugs let me know in the comments!

All items, mobs, armor and blocks are fantasy based! 

(Don't edit the animation files you'll break the pack)

(It also sports a custom UI/GUI)


Inventory Screen


Health, Hud.


Armor, Glass and Barrels!

A stronghold hallway (Fancy lighting off of course, the best way to enjoy the Nostalgia of Minecraft!)

Library of the stronghold to show off the bookshelves + torches


A much more linear building system, seeing all the different kind of bricks differ in design always frustrated me, enjoy a much cleaner,smoother building experience.Enjoy the custom Mobs, some being monsters, and others being robots!

Download today 

The mediafire link is the link that I'll be updating most often!

Select version for changelog:


Changed some images to suit the updated armor and tools


Just press the Main Download link, Click download, and open the .MCPACK to enjoy!

Supported Minecraft versions


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4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
UltimateBingo(youtuber) April 08, 2021 at 1:02 pm
Overall great (by looking at the images)
gotta go download
and btw I have a question how did you make this pack which software and how did you make it .mcpack
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I used Adobe Photoshop 2020, In order to create a .mcpack, you simply compress the file down into a .zip and change the ending to .mcpack
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Almost no one rated 5 stars but said they liked it. I like it alot and seems nice goodjob! 😁
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Please add .zip file link for iOS users.
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Just change the name from .mcpack to .zip
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Thank you so much! Please comment any bugs you find!
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Good Texture pack!
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Thank you man! please leave any feedback about bugs, etc!
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