Published on October 31, 2021 (Updated on November 24, 2021)

Hide and Seek - Killer Scarecrow

This game is like your ordinary hide and seek but with a twist! One of the players will be chosen randomly to become the "Scarecrow" and the remaining players will become the "Hiders".

Killer Scarecrow

1.0.3 By Daniye


Just like an ordinary hide and seek the "Scarecrow" will need to find all Hiders and the Hiders should run and hide before the sunrise.



You can choose how long you want to play and choose which map you want to play. 



If the Scarecrow manages to find all the Hiders then the Scarecrow wins! But if the hiders manage to escape, then the Hider wins!

But here's the twist! The "Scarecrow" can kill the hiders it will find for them to become his ally! So be sure to look for the Hiders if you suddenly die and become Scarecrow!



Please do credit me if you record and upload a video using my map. And also do not forget to check My Profile, I'm making different Maps with unique themes and ideas. I want to give the best and exciting experience for every Minecraft Player! ...Please look forward for more, Thank you! 

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Killer Scarecrow v1.0.3


Supported Minecraft versions 1.17.41+

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Buen mapa, pero me gustaría mas decoración, mas lugares para esconderse dentro del laberinto y que haya un pequeño mod o textura que haga del espantapájaros algo mas terrorifico
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