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Published on August 19, 2018 (Updated on August 19, 2018)

Kingdom Hearts III & Frozen Addon

This is an add-on based on Kingdom Hearts III video game and the popular movie called Frozen. It adds five new mobs which you're likely to recognize if you're familiar with any of the forementioned. King Mickey and Elsa are two examples of these characters, but there are also more hostile characters such as the Shadow Heartless or the Dusk Nobody, and all new mobs have custom behaviors.

Creator: Vernian LEMO – TDR buildTwitter Account

How does it work?

This add-on replaces both mobs and items.

  • Mobs
    • King Mickey (Wither Skeleton) (Behavior: Neutral)
    • Elsa (Stray) (Behavior: Neutral)
    • Shadow Heartless (Skeleton) (Behavior: Hostile)
    • Deer Heartless (Polar Bear) (Behavior: Hostile)
    • Dusk Nobody (Creeper) (Behavior: Hostile)

There are also a bunch of new items but neither of these have any new behaviors.

  • Items
    • Ultima Weapon (Diamond Sword)
    • Kingdom Key D (Stray)
    • Kingdom Key (Skeleton)
    • Snow Crystral (Polar Bear)
    • Heart (Experience Bottle)



  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply packs for a world
  3. Create the world

You can download a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

Installation Guides

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3.29 / 5 (7 votes)
i got this it works for everything but you cant see the skins just the sound they make and mickey will even be holding a keyblade but he wont be look like mickey. I see that its for windows 10 and im using education edition so idk. epic
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Why did you make the pick up block sound so loud? I had to get rid of an otherwise decent mod.
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None of ur business July 30, 2019 at 3:29 pm
Almost gave me a virus plz make just the keyblade addon
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The link the mcaddon will not take me to the file.
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Me too IT said invalid Key... Creator fix this....
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Each time I spawn Elsa in my Frozen Minecraft world it spawns a stray! I tried to restart my iPad and each time but it it didn't work! Do you have suggestions to make Elsa a queen and not a stray so I don't have to restart my iPad hundreds and hundreds of times?
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But I still love this add-on!
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Did you try applying it to minecraft first and into a world before doing anything likr that?
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No passive mob? None of them are passive...
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How do you get the mobs back if u didn't like the add-on?
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Can u make a Mickey Mouse addon
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Please can you make kingdom hearts separate not a frozen fan
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Can you please make the Kingdom Hearts one separate?(I don’t like Elsa) But this is good for now.
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