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Published on May 04, 2021

Kingdom of Venzola

The Kingdom of Venzola was our first SMP! Now that it is over we are sharing the world with you all. Thanks to everyone who helped create the kingdom and made it what it is! This world includes the Socketed Weapons and Armor mods and other custom content.

This is the first Screaming Alien Entertainment SMP! This medieval/fantasy world was built together by the members of our Discord server. It includes a keep, shopping district, player housing village and a small town with a sewer dungeon below. A few other features and farms can be found around the map. You can get to all the different areas in the world through the nether tunnels.

The world includes the Socketed Weapons and Socketed Armor add-ons, as well as a few other custom features and items!

Download this world to explore on your own or play in with friends. Make the kingdom larger than ever, or blow it all up, it all up to you!


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Could they make the Resource and Behaviour packs available for download
I think the pack is so cool
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