Kingdoms of Wallace V10.1 HD Realistic & RTX: Bedrock Edition Out Now!

HD and RTX available for those with/without an RTX capable machine. HD realistic pack has added depth “baked” into the textures as best as I can without real light effects, whereas the RTX pack showcases the PBR light and depth.

Select version for changelog:


KOW V10.1 HD (64, 128, 256, 512)

Designs Added in V10:


Updated Ancient Debris Textures

Cauldron Water glow in RTX

Updated Chain

Updated Cobblestone/Mossy

Updated Frogspawn

Glass in RTX now has wavy refraction

Glazed Terracotta All

Updated Iron Bars

Updated Iron Trapdoor

Updated Lantern

Updated Lava Flow/Still

Updated Magma

Mangrove Door

Mangrove Propagule

Mangrove Hanging

Mangrove Trapdoor

Ochre Froglight

Pearlescent Froglight

Portal Intensity in RTX

Potted Azaleas

Updated Prismarine


Sculk Catalyst

Sculk Sensor side/top

Sculk Vein

Soul Lantern

Updated Stonebrick Mossy

Trapdoors All Metallics in RTX

Verdant Froglight


Items: (items sizes visually are still limited to 64 resolution due to Mojang’s programming – will increase this if/when they provide the update for items to not crash the game above this size)


Fireworks Charge

Rabbit meat raw/cooked

Rabbit foot

Rabbit hide






As always, I so appreciate your support and hope you are enjoying Minecraft with these graphics. Your feedback and promotion to others is always appreciated. Follow/Subscribe to my Twitch/YouTube for Minecraft gameplay using the packs. Join the new Discord (still very new so be some of the first to engage!) to discuss the packs, hangout with others, stream your channels and interaction with like-minded others. 

“Behind the Scenes” improvements, programming to enhance gameplay, I am always updating in each pack little details that make the game run more smoothly


Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

Is it work on Android?
Hello Wallace71DNK,
We are NPTS -- a China translation team.Can we non-profit agency your resources and translate them to China Resource platform?
We guarantee they are not for any business use and we can help you maintain resource copyright in China!
Is this console friendly and is this a resource or behavior pack?
Crsiufvevuigdsvsfdkgubv July 14, 2022 at 6:27 pm
How do you even get it on like an Xbox?!?
if you download the ADV file explorer and the shadow puppet iconed internet browser you can
it really didn't work if i offend you I'm sorry i just wanted to give you some feed-back i know people aren't very nice when they give you feed-back of maybe i just don't fully know how to download thing oh yeah that was a really good idea for a minecraft have a great night
Does 1.19 work?
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
Oh, my lord, there's no addon creator in ur China?
hi i havent downloaded this yet, but do i need rtx bro?
Ure patreon doesn't work so can u atleast give me rtx?????
Patreon works just fine, have regular signups including today.
No every time i click on ure patreon it tells me that the site is temporarily unavailable
Just curious before purchasing one of the resolution packs from your patron will it be compatible with MC console bedrock or is the 64 resolution pack as far as you can go.
Yes, there are players on Xbox using up to the 256 resolution pack using a workaround for adding mcpack files to the machine - again, thanks for being a fan!
Great resource pack, looks amazing on Xbox and as close as you will probably get to a shader on console.
So glad you are enjoying it, appreciate the kind words!
Mine is a Galaxy J4, is it possible that my cell phone can withstand that shadder?, because the last shadder that I downloaded gave my cell phone a tremendous delay, which automatically closed minecraft.
I am not sure how to download the file to a Galaxy device but am sure it may be possible? If so, the 64 resolution pack should work decently on most mobile devices. It is not a shader but a texture pack.
This comment has been removed
This comment has been removed
i tested it on computer- its working on windows 11!
Awesome, glad it works for you - you should download the latest version with many updates!
Download link is expired
Yes, Once I update the pack, the old versions are removed. As of today, Version 8.1 is downloadable, thanks!