Published on September 23, 2020 (Updated on September 23, 2020)

Kit Build UHC PvP (Map/Minigame/PvP)

This is a map to practice PVP with friends in a UHC mode. Once there are two or more players connected, they will be able to enter the arena, each player will receive a similar kit, the only difference will be the enchantments and that the armor pieces are random and can be from iron, diamond or even underground!

If there are not 2 or more players in the world then it will not be possible to enter the arena.
You can enter the arena as a spectator, with this mode you can go through walls, fly to see the players in battle but you cannot attack or build.

The map has a kill system to make it more entertaining and competitive, so every time you kill a player you will get a point!

Every time a player dies in the arena, they will leave a skull with which you can craft golden heads!
From time to time the sand cleans itself! (Beta function)

Creator: TuCocoroNO02
Twitter: @Odyssey15267125
YouTube: zOdyssey ツ
Team Cubitos MC


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