Published on April 05, 2016 (Updated on April 05, 2016)

KitPVP 3 [PvP]

This is a map with two different PvP arenas suitable for multiplayer (actually it's required as it's impossible to play these games by yourself). The two games include last man standing (for teams) and KitPvP (no teams). Almost the entire map is powered by redstone which makes everything seamless and makes for a great gameplay experience. Creator: FloBoi


Before entering the arena each player must select a class. There are 8 classes to choose from and each of them offer different types of armor and weapons. To select a class simply tap on a button to obtain the gear. When you've selected a class enter the arena and wait for everybody else to enter. Then use the text chat to start a countdown from 10 and then start the battle! Shoot arrows at the buttons on the walls around the arena to get items from droppers.

Last Man Standing

This game is suitable for games with a larger group of players as there are four different teams. Select the team which you want to be on by using the buttons. Then enter the arena and stay at your team's base until everyone have entered the arena. Start a countdown from 10 before beginning, only then people should be allowed to start fighting! The last team which is alive is considered the winners. To return to the starting area jump into the lava.


  • Don't mix kits
  • Don't break blocks
  • Set difficulty to max

Installation Guides

You should update my name on some of your posts to where it links to the search result of my name. Some of my posts you have on here don't have that. ;P
Is there anywhere you could make it possible to download this a an mcworld file?
Is there anywhere you could make it possible to download this a an mcworld file?
Wow, I can't believe you plagiarized my map.
We did a review of your map. I am not entirely sure how that can be considered stealing your map? We left you the credits. If you want another download link then please provide something else than Dropbox, because Dropbox has a tendency of getting flooded.

We always give credits to the creators when we do our reviews. If you want us to remove this then let me know and I will do that.
If the map ever gets removed,I'll make a download link on my YT channel since I have it >:D