KitPVP Advance v5.95

Invite your friends and have an epic battle within this world! Where you choose your own characters and fight with one another to gain experience and money!! More experience and money, more chances of winning!! Download this map and see who is the greatest gladiator within your circle of friends!!

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•3 new arenas

-Shark Warrior's water world

•Fixed Spiderman's climbing ability

•Add extra command blocks for impulse commands with ticks

•Changed "wither/fatal poison effect damage substitutes" to real damages

•Changed area settings and spectator lobby

-Changed area loading settings to minimize lag

-Double stack area selection thingy commands, and don't forget the lever adjusting

•Glow Ink sack application to signs

•Disabled players to leave casino rooms when already entered a bet

•Changed turret's special skill

•Change whisper texts to textraws

•Fixed Pyro's fire trail

•Lesser bats for Vampire's special skill

•Fixed Earth Bender's earthquake skill bug

•Fixed Echo's suspended world skill bug

•Buffed PvE priest attack

•Kill players trapped in PvP arena whenever there isn't an on going game

•Put a time limiter for the starting a battle with Tixtler so his previous ones will stop

•Enable fall damage for Tixtler

•Changed cookies to cooked beef in shop

•PvE Bugs

-Husk overlord dies immediately because of instant health effect

-Nether in PvP overrides Nether in PvE

•Nerf Echo's suspended world time limit

•PvE zoglin boss has healing effect that instantly kills it

•Impostor's Sabotage skill doesn't specify what sabotage it did.


Added direct mediafire link if ever linkvertise doesn't work for you



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One thing I will give to you,
None other than me can do.
Too much power I'll grant for all,
For this will be your call.
No number shall remain undone,
To get these things from the supreme one.
Why does the file for v5.95 have to be a .zip file? Just make it a .mcworld file, and don't make us have to go through this tedious process to get a map installed.
Hello again, everyone!! A few days forward from this message being sent, the remaster of this map will be uploaded!! It is still a beta version, in which there are many things that are still not finished, but I assure you it is playable!!

The remastered map is now called "Fantasy Kits" and can still be downloaded here in! Thank you everyone, and I hope you are having a great day!!
Hello everyone~ I am here to announce that the new map I have created is now uploaded here on mcpedl! It is a multiplayer horror map called "Anguishing Trepidation"! If any of you is curious to know what this map is all about, feel free to find it here, or click this link (hoping it works):

And as always, thank you for all of you who have continuously supported me!
If you've noticed, yes, I changed account, since I unfortunately forgot the password of that one, yeah...
I have a bad news... And probably a worse one... When minecraft updated, they have changed a command that I have used for most of the command lines I have put (Which is the /execute command). And with this change, everything doesn't work anymore...

And with the thousands of command blocks I have to edit, it will take me more than a quarter, or even half of a year to deal with... So I am sorry if you will not be able to have any updates during those span... or worst... I won't be able to update this map anymore...

Unless Mojang puts some changes that may revert back the functionality of the commands I have, I will be doing some other maps for the meantime...

This is by far the best creation I have built... And I had so much more planned for this... Yet if it has to end, then I have no choice... I am sorry for everyone, and thank you for supporting this map I made, from the beginning, up until to what it is now...

There are many of you who have suggested such great ideas, opened up bugs and errors you've found, and even helped me fixing them by telling me your thoughts. I am so grateful for all of you, and I appreciate it all.

And the most important thing for me is, I thank you everyone, for enjoying this map of mine. I had lots of fun creating this humongous (And laggy) map, and I am glad that even with its flaws, many still have enjoyed it. I really really thank you everyone, from deep within my heart.

Well then, this may be my farewell for this map, if ever I won't be able to do anything about this predicament anymore, but this won't be the last that I will be creating. It really pains me to stop updating this map... But all things must come to an end, indeed...

Thank you, everyone, see you again~
I am very sad to see such a map meet its end.
Truly the only map I kept coming back to.
I understand why it is necessary and respect your decision.
It was an amazing journey cut short.
Everything has its end... But then, I have a plan to make a rework of this same map, and start from the bottom again. And now that with everyone's help with me while I was creating this map, I have gained more knowledge and experience to make a better, yet still the same feel of this map.

I don't want to make something that will go far from this very thing I created, so I'll do my best to keep the nostalgia alive. But for the meantime, I have many stock of map ideas, so up until then, may you and everyone enjoy my creations.

I thank you and appreciate all of you! See you on the next map!
I hope this will notify you, but here it goes!

I am here to announce that the remastered version of this map of mine will be uploaded in a few days!! I hope you will like it as much as this one, and I will appreciate your support and thoughts for that one too, as much as how you did with this one!

It is called "Fantasy Kits"! If it isn't up yet, wait for 3 days or 5, I think.

Anyways, that's all for now! See you there!
A bug that I have is that the echo’s special ability breaks the games and glitches the entire game and I need to start a new world because abilities don’t work anymore and we move like we are lagging. Also monk is really really OP it’s special stuns for soooo long (I play with at most 4 people at one time including me). Also statue and golem should have slowness because the armor they have is really good for normal speed. Also in the picture in the description there are more pve kits then there actually are is that teased or are they actually in because I don’t see them. The husk overlord dies immediately because Lance spawn and kill it is that intentional?
Echo's special skill are meant for players to experience like a lag-like movements, and I have been trying my best to not make it too OP. Also, I should try to see how much it lags the game, and try to fix it.

For the monk, I shall lessen the time into a balanced one for it as a normal character.

As with the statue and golem, I shall take that suggestion, since they do need some balancing either.

With the husk overlord dying as soon as he spawns... I thought I already had fixed that... I shall take a look if I didn't redo it, since I had so much restarts due to me creating mistakes, without a backup file.

And that goes with the PvE one, since yup, I had to restart the map, but don't worry, I will be indeed adding those things.

And just a reminder, I can't really update this map in the lower versions of minecraft... So those that are only available for the lower versions, they will not be updated, and they will be the only available ones. I am sorry for that...

Anyways, thanks for the notices and suggestions! Thank you too for downloading and enjoying the map!~
The echo ability causes lag after the game ended and we have to start a new world. There is a chance it’s because I downloaded 5.9 (maybe idk if I did but linkvertise wouldn’t let me use it. Could you put a 5.95 link that goes straight to mediafire on the page pls I’d use linkvertise but it won’t let me) but we have to start a new world after it gets used.

Also what does the book in the ended chest mean why is there a bunch of kit names and what is the rhyx (is that how you spell it?) one.

Also here’s a suggestion every time you make a new kit or something or are about to do something big with the map make a backup file trust me it helps (I know from experience).

P.S fire aspect swords can light TNT maybe incorporate this somehow, just sayin’.

P.P.S sorry if I wasted you time I’m not sure if I’m on the most recent version or not.
Sure, I shall create one where you can directly access it through mediafire, and for everyone too who is experiencing the same thing like you. It would be more saddening for me if people couldn't enjoy what I create than actually gain profit from them, so I shall just put both.

And as for the stuff in the ender chest... Uhm... Please don't mind them, hehehe... It was my stuff that I was using, so yup, and I already removed them for the current update, so it is only like that since you downloaded a lower version. (The name is Rynx, if you are curious, and she is a character you would encounter in the PvE arena)

And yes, I already learned my lesson hahahahaha, in the most frustrating and devastating ways~ Yes, ways, not way.

As for the fire aspect sword, that is somewhat new to me... I shall remember that, and might do something about that... But... I really can't wrap my head around as to how am I going to tinker it in a way that it won't ignite a tnt, so hmm, I might not be able to do it... But let me try still.

Also, it is fine, your suggestions and notices for bugs and errors are very much appreciated, really. Since I can't find them all myself. And yes, I already knew you downloaded a lower version, since the linkvertise is the newer one.

Thank you very much, see to it that I will try and fix those things! Thank you for downloading and enjoying my creation! That alone is very much appreciated!
Thanks and if possible could it be a .Mcworld? What do the diamond, gold and emerald blocks do? And what does the name tag floating in prismarine “code” mean? Also you should make more kits with bows. The dice kits wand should tell you what ability you have next coming up. And (I’ve been reading comments) you could use tp commands to keep spectators in the map if you ever use real spectator mode. Oh and the fire sword lighting tnt I thought you could use in a kit.
Let me try if Mediafire will let me put a mcworld type of file.

As for the blocks, those are used for building an altar, which you can use after getting the chosen one mark. The process of building it can be found in one of the books in the main hub.

That floating name is supposedly not visible... but yeh, that is from somewhere secret.

Kits with bow will be kind of tricky, unless I change some things with the archer. I shall take note of that.

As for the dice kit, it is supposedly random, so yeh.... That is intentional, sorry if I can't change that one.

For the spectator suggestion, yes, thanks for the idea.

The firs sword seems hard to change things with it, so yeh... I might not be able to... Sorry...

Anyways, thanks! And I apologize if the next update may take long... Or might not come at all...
The new update has made the map much more playable.
But I do wish to give some feedback.
The gunner and turret abilities still spawn particles to such an extent that the game crashes kicking all players.
I understand that a new map-generating algorithm is in place and yes it does seem to give more framerate while the map is generating but for some reason, if your press jump it will trigger like 10 seconds later and it doesn't just go away when the map finishes generating.
I believe all the lag-related bugs are due to such a massive amount of command blocks but I can not think of any way to fix this issue.
I think it was better however with the first-generation method.
As always amazing work and great effort.
For the lag related bugs, I have thought of another way to lessen it, as I've mentioned on a previous reply. Just set the render distance to the lowest chunk. Other than that, yeh... I have no idea how to make the framerate go smoothly althroughout. But I will still do my best to try finding ways to make it better.

As for the gunner and turret kits, I shall check them to see what makes it create too much particles.

Once again, thank you very much for all the great feedbacks!! I really do appreciate it, it helps a lot! Thank you for the support, and thank you for enjoying this map I made! There will be more future updates for this one, with more new features added!
Ahh, for clarification, the the first generation method was better in your opinion, right?

If so, then I shall put it back to the way it was, but still an amplified version of it, since I have found a way to lessen it, and use that same thing with this current method (Which is also applicable to the first)
Sounds good.
More bugs found:
The VIP randomizer section sometimes teleports you outside of the map.
Abilities sometimes are given when in the waiting room (Once the robot was given and the animation beam broke the waiting room)
Yeah, that's about it.
With these bugs solved the map is flawless and the only other feedback I could give would be to have a more organized spawn area.
See the current one works and all but the pressure plate system is just not very good because almost too often you get teleported back instantly. Maybe try buttons or a particle you have to walk into?
The non-VIP kit selector feels very cramped as well. For the spectator area maybe try adding a spectate button as spectator mode is now in bedrock edition.
And I would also like to add that it's not the frame rate that's the issue with lag its the input delay.
I press forward and like 10 seconds later it moves forward same with jump but odly not hit so it's just movement.
Oh... So just like a sudden burst of lag out of nowhere?

Anyways, I am really really glad for your support and that you are giving your time to point out bugs and errors. I really do appreciate it so much! I shall do my best to make this map even better, by making it more efficient, convinient, and by adding even more features and contents.

Thanks again for the suggestions and bugs that you notified to me, and as always, thanks for enjoying and supporting this map I made!
With the bugs:

For the VIP randomizer, yeah... I already found the reason why, and already fixed that.

For the abilities that you get on the waiting room, I should just probably add a condition where you can only get the skills inside the arena. It will take a lot of time, since I will have to input it to all characters one by one, but it is not a complicated fix, so it shall be fine.

As for your suggestions:

I think making it like a particle stuff that you have to walkthrough makes the map more laggy... But that would be a lot more cooler, indeed. But I'd rather have the game more playable than have it look cooler yet less playable... As for replacing them with buttons, it will defeat the purpose of having the choosing part where you have to walk towards the character you picked... And buttons will make players be able to reach it from a far, and the nearest player will be the one chosen by it, at that point, whether they were the one who pressed it or not. (Or are you perhaps talking about the other pressure plates that aren't the character selection things? Then I could put those particle things there, if so.)

The non-VIP selection area being cramped, yeh, it is indeed, but it is easy to just raise it up, so I shall do that.

As for the spectator one, I shall try to test it on a back up copy... Maybe I could make it possible, without letting players phase through outside the arena boundaries. But I can't guarantee that I will be successful in it, so yup...
For the lag no, It's really an input delay. I press w and I walk forward like 5 seconds later. I wouldn't stress about it as it is probably caused by the new map-generating algorithm.
As for the buttons yeah it's for the VIP section and other teleportations, not the kits. It's just an annoyance when you get teleported back instantly.
For spectator mode, I believe you could have them teleport back instantly if players try to go explore the map's inner workings and leave a certain area but not entirely sure. Spectator mode itself is an experimental toggle if it isn't already added to the main game.
I see, I see, thanks for the reply!

I still tried to somewhat tone it down, the area generation. And with the teleportation ones, I shall try and do the particles suggestion of yours.

With the spectators, yeh, I think that would be doable, but then... I might find so much bugs when it comes to skills being used, while a spectating player is hovering about inside the arena...

But I shall try, nonetheless, it might somewhat work.

Thank you very much! I shall keep making this map more better and enjoyable!
For spectator mode maybe you can modify the abilities so that they affect players with the tag "Alive" or something.
Thanks again for taking feedback so seriously.
Indeed, that is the most ideal solution. It will take a lot of time though, so it might be put on latter updates.

But then.... I have a bad news that I will announce later, so it may take even longer... or worse, I may not be able to update this map anymore...
its very laggy :/
I see... I wonder what must be the problem...

May I know on which parts of the map does it lag?
I have found a way to lessen the lag easily. Just lower down the render distance up till the lowest chunk, and it shall make the map les laggy. It will still make the game run the same way, so even if you don't experience that much lag, you can still do this just to increase your fps.
Sorry for the huge delay of update... But in a few days, it shall be available.

Though it is unfinished, so I applogize for that.
Can't wait honestly.
If you managed to fix all the bugs I'd be impressed not even considering adding more content.
I can't totally guarantee that I did removed all of the bugs and errors, but I did my best ridding all that I've known and seen. As for new contents, I added quite a few, but don't worry, I will upload the remaining ones, and many more after finishing them.

I am adding a status checker and achievement hall, alongside the remaining PvE kits, more PvP kits, and more arena that I've teased for the coming update.
Anyways, thank you so much for your patience and support for this map of mine!~
It's been rough with all the repetitions I made due to loss of progress, and finding new errors and bugs everytime I try to have a testrun...

I'm sorry for having the next update take this long... I will do my best to upload it soon this october.

Thank you for your patience and the support you give, as always!
After doing a testrun, it seems like many bugs and lags have appeared... I have no idea if it is still due to the amount of things I've putted, or if it is now because of the new updates, but I'll do my best to fix them all before uploading this next update.

Once again... I am sorry if it may take a month, but I'll try my best to upload it as soon as possible, without compromising the quality, so you don't have to download it again and again, restarting your progress.

I apologize for the delay of this update...
As for the problem I've encountered, I couldn't fixed it, but I managed to get back from where I've already done before I lost the file, so expect the next update in a few days or weeks. Thank you everyone for the support, as always!~
I have some suggestions for some new kits too I'm not sure if you're going to see this but if so then I think for the new update these characters will be cool but then again I'm not a coder so I'm not sure if any of these will even work
1) Zeus. I was thinking for this one he for his minor ability could be able to call lightning on a random player and for his special ability he could do basically a northern strike but cooler as in he would fly up and then when he hits the ground if a player was standing near they would get flung and struck with lightning
2) Daredevil. I loved how you did spiderman and I would love it if you did daredevil this is also one of the characters I don't think is possible but I'll still pitch it to you because it might be, I was thinking because he's blind his passive skill would be that he's blind but he can see the outlines of blocks and players so he's blind but not completely, and his minor skill is that he will just get a strength and speed boost and for his special skill he will be completely blind and immobile for 5 seconds and then he will get a massive speed jump and strength boost I was thinking about lvl 3 on each.
3) Atlas (From mythology). Again another one where I don't think is possible for this one I was thinking his passive ability is that he has strength 2 but slowness 1, his minor ability would be called endurance and he would be granted strength 3 and regeneration 1 and his special ability would be called the heaven throw or something and he would able to throw a projectile at someone to inflict a lot of damage and to fling them away or something falls out of the sky and hits the other player I dont know.
Anyway it's fine if you don't choose any of these I can understand they all seem very hard to code but these are just suggestions you can alter or just completely not do them, but either way, I wish you nothing but luck for your future maps you're an amazing creator and I loved this map.
Hmm, those are indeed great yet hard ones to code, I'll try to look if it is possible, but, I do already have one like Zeus on my list of things to add, so I hope you'll like it. I have like 12 new normal characters, 18 VIP characters, and another new set of character selection that requires VVIP access privilage and that you've defeated Echo from PvE already. It has 6 VVIP characters, and 4 secret ones, so yup, I hope you'll like all of them once I've added them. But it would be for the next next update, so not yet for this update I'll be putting soon.
I also have 1 bug to point out it is the turret kit in VIP for some reason whenever I use the special ability to shoot tnt wherever you look it either doesn't work or is completely inaccurate as in if I shoot it at the person it will go over or move left and right somehow and also when I finish using the special ability on the turret I for some reason can't get out of the chamber and I'm just stuck there.
Hmmm... This one is pretty much hard for me to fix... Maybe I should just change its special skill entirely. Thanks for letting me know, since many of you do have this bug...
I love this map soooo much me and my friends play it non-stop its one of the best maps I've ever played but I have 2 questions.
1. How do you beat tixtler tixtler idk y but i cant find a way to beat him and yes i missed the text that said how to so pls help me on that
2. And secondly is there any way to remove VIP from someone because you know there's those people that only use VIP and nothing else so I would rlly like to know how to do that and I'm not talking about the points. I mean like their access from VIP characters and fishing pond and every other VIP privilege
Just once again I need to thank you for making such a fantastic map good on you and pls answer my 2 questions.
For the first one, you need to climb up (yup, parkour) the tentacle that appears every now and then, press the pressure plate at the top, and then the glass that is covering his weak spot on the top of his head shall be removed. Shoot it. You will have to repeat this process 5 times though.

As for the second one, you just have to type this:

/tag "name of the player" remove VIP

Doing so will make them have to buy the VIP access privilage from the shop again.

As always, thanks for enjoying my map!~ I really do appreciate your support!
Yep um so now when I go into the chosen mark thingy to fight tixtler tixtler t doesn't work anything to fix that please
Hmm... I see, let me try and fix that
So now when I go to try and get the chosen mark and fight tixtler tixtler its not working anything to fix that please
How do you get to tixtler? I don’t know how 😅
Everyone... I am sorry to say... but it seems like I won't be able to do it this month...

I accidentally made some mistakes... and the main world that I am using to update the map has been corrupted... Now... I only have a backup from a previous gametest (or game, since we just played) we had with my siblings... And it is so far back from what I've already accomplished... It may take 2 months or so...

I am really sorry... I hope you will all understand... I've tried my best to retrieve the map with what I could think of, but it all didn't worked...

Thank you for your continuous support, and I'm really sorry... May you have patience to wait for the update still...
I still have one more idea though, as to how I can fix it... I really hope it works...
No worries.
Sorry for the loss.
Good luck