KitPVP Advance v5.9

Invite your friends and have an epic battle within this world! Where you choose your own characters and fight with one another to gain experience and money!! More experience and money, more chances of winning!! Download this map and see who is the greatest gladiator within your circle of friends!!

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-Added 6 new main selection characters
-Added 12 new VIP selection characters
-Added 9 new arena
-Fixed some characters
•Nerfed heavy knight
-Fixed some PvE errors and bugs

*3 more arenas under construction*



  • Advance_KitPvP_5.9.mcworld (5.03 MB)
  • Advance KitPvP 3.8.5 (Mcworld) (1.4 MB)

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One thing I will give to you,
None other than me can do.
Too much power I'll grant for all,
For this will be your call.
No number shall remain undone,
To get these things from the supreme one.
Everyone... I am sorry to say... but it seems like I won't be able to do it this month...

I accidentally made some mistakes... and the main world that I am using to update the map has been corrupted... Now... I only have a backup from a previous gametest (or game, since we just played) we had with my siblings... And it is so far back from what I've already accomplished... It may take 2 months or so...

I am really sorry... I hope you will all understand... I've tried my best to retrieve the map with what I could think of, but it all didn't worked...

Thank you for your continuous support, and I'm really sorry... May you have patience to wait for the update still...
I still have one more idea though, as to how I can fix it... I really hope it works...
No worries.
Sorry for the loss.
Good luck
I would like to ask you if you can show me the command to add MONEY to a player as every time we accidentally chose a kit that breaks the map we have to restart from scratch so the command would be very useful and save a lot of time. I did try /scoreboard but I couldn't find the MONEY subject so I do really need your help. I understand if you don't want to show it to not promote cheating but in the current state of the map I think it might be necessary because i really do want to always play this map.
The variable I used for the money is "b", while I used "c" for the magic orbs.

And it is fine, as long as you cheat within the purpose of enjoying it more, as long as it does not break that, you'll be fine.

Thanks for always playing my map~
Thank you so much.
This really speeds up the progress and makes me continue playing the map in its present state.
You know you can use linkverse or some other planform (adfly not recemented) to make some money off of this. ever since MCPEDL made you wait for the downloads I don't mind using linkverse as its still quicker than waiting for MCPEDL. If not you could just provide a media fire link making downloads instant and a much better experience.
Keep it up.
Ohh, I shall take note of that, thanks!~
Ik that your very busy at the moment and have alot to do on the map as well
but i was wondering if you could give us a estimated date of when the update
comes out because the map keeps breaking due to bugs and I'd like to come
back to it when they are fixed.
P.S. To add to the bug pile The earthquake ability on the Earth Winder kit doesn't wear off after the game ends and starts as soon as you start another game.
Amazing map.
Actually unmatched.
Keep it up
I actually decided to update this map while doing the other, so maybe expect it by next month, since I'll be adding new characters for the PvE, then another month, two, or three for the next next update for added PvP characters and new arenas.

These update plans may change, but I'll do my best to update this on those dates.

And, thanks everyone for the continous support, I really really do appreciate it!
Ahh, about the bugs, I will do my best to give solutions to them. So far, I've fixed some of the bugs for the next update, some seems unchangable, for the map is just too buggy due to many stuff going on, and I don't know how to up such performance if those things were necessary...

Anyways, I'll still try my best to fix all of them and find some ways. Thanks for everyone who gives suggestions and notify me of the bugs! It really makes it easier for me to know where they are, for I can't really do test runs...
Please made more kits🙏 like a chronus he ability can control time
I would definitely add more kits as long as I can think of more idea, which is always if I am motivated of doing them.

As for your suggestion, time-bending character, huh... Echo is like that, but making a character that could probably reverse time or so would be cool! But... It is rather difficult to figure that out using regular commands, so I'll think about it.

Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for playing the map!~
When we can go have a New Update?
As much as I would love to add a new update into this map, I am still putting it on hold since I have been trying to do another huge map, and kind of not having the time to continue both of them due to personal reasons... I'm really sorry... But, I'll do my best and I really do have more plans for this map still, since, it is a game with no definition of end, and the very first map that I can truly call a masterpiece of mine. And yup, still as many bugs and errors, and game balances to fix, so, pretty much many more updates for this one.

I hope you'll be willing to wait, and I'll appreciate it so much if you'll support my next project/s too, even tho it could be very different from this one.

In any case, I am thankful for everyone who liked this map!~ It really means a lot to me!~

With that, I hope everyone is having a great life!~ Or if you are down, just know that it will be over at some point, as much as I am hoping too for it!

(I'll update this one as soon as I've finished that map, which probably could be next year?... I know that is pretty long... So... Yup... It is a huge project, so, I need a lot of time doing it.)
The map is really fun but it is filled with bugs.
1) The bombs planted by a bomber man stay on the map permanently
2) The VIP fishing pond is completely broken, none of the buttons work and it says failed to execute "scoreboard" as
3) The only part of the casino that works is the coin flip, the other 2 no buttons appear and if you win the coin flip it just gives you unlimited emeralds.
4) Where do you buy lit-up Redstone lamps?
Thanks for the feedbacks

Hmmm... As for the first, this is the first time I've heard it... I wonder if it is due to the minecraft update... But I'll try to look into it

The second one... It works fine with me all the time, so I don't know where it might have gone wrong, but I'll still check them. As for the buttons on the side of the pond, you have to be standing directly above the area near the shops to trade, so that might be the problem... If not, hmmm...

The third one is pretty tricky, yet I'll try my best to know what might have happened

And the fourth one is pretty exclusive to the very first arena, which is the biomes one. I know it may seem unfair, but that arena is the very first one that pioneered this game, so I do hope you all understand. But I do know that the nether star is pretty unusuable in any other places other than that. As for where you can find that, try exploring the house more.

Anyways, thanks for playing my map, and I am glad you are enjoying it! I'm so sorry if this map will get no update for a long time, since I am working on two new maps. One of them might not be able to make it due to intense lag, yet I'll still try to upload them if ever. The other one is a pretty huge one, so it might take half a year if I am not that lazy. (But then I am, so a year might take, as long as don't procrastinate)

With all that, thank you for downloading this map!
What version do you play with the map?
I'm currently on the newest version, but not beta
I mean what version can you tell me like 1.17 or 1.17.30 or something? At the time before I made this review, I was playing on 1.17 education edition, but 1.18 beta education edition got realised, so I have yet to test out if it works for the 1.18 beta.
I think I was using 1.18 at that point... Since it was the caves and cliffs update, but I might be wrong and he caves and cliffs might be 1.17....

All I know is I was using the caves and cliffs update that isn't beta for that last update I did.
This is really fun! I just wish some of the bugs could be fixed...
New bugs:
Pyro doesn't have a fire trail
Robot annihilation beam breaks the game
Dragonoid breath attack doesn't regenerate
Necromancer I didn't seem to get my staff back
Also the drop map seems to be broken?
Hmm, I think the pyro got broken when I tweaked it to not set on fire things that isn't an air block... I forgot that there are too many things that are hollow and not air block at the same time, so maybe I'll just retweak it back to how it used to be, but I'll keep the cook kit one as is.

As for the robot.... Hmmm... Maybe I should lessen the particles on that one then...

About the dragonoid, I shall check that one, but I think it must be when you are using it too close with someone that has magic staff as main weapon either... It is a unfixable bug at the moment, since I don't know how am I to make it so that only you could use them or so, even if you are literally too close from someone...

Same goes for the necromancer.

The drop map tho, if you are talking about the too delayed falling blocks, I made it that way, but... Hmmm... Maybe it defeats the purpose, so I might change that.

And with all that, thank you for all the bug notifs! I really really appreciate them! And I am glad you are enjoying the new update!~

But I am sorry if it might take too long to have another one... Since it's been quite busy days for me.

I'll try to update the bugs tho, but still might take a while.
Yoooo an update? Can't wait to play with my friends later. Thanks so much!
Hello!~ As for the other three arenas, and added PvE kits, it might take me long to do them, since aside from my own things, I am also creating a pretty huge minecraft map project... I hope you will be willing to wait for them

And that, thank you all for enjoying and downloading this map!~ This is the map that most of my efforts in minecraft went to~ So I am really really happy for the positive responses!~

Thank you, and stay strong, everyone!~
Very good map I love the kits and maps but I hope you add more kits for the PvE Area.
I am actually planning too, but I am kinda busy with everything, so I am really sorry if it might take too long...

Anyways, thanks for playing!~
I love this map.
It is very engaging and hard to stop playing.
I do have some bugs to report though
1. the vampire kit sometimes spams bats so much that Minecraft crshes.
2. The turret kit is kinda broken and sometimes I shoot these particles appear and seem to multiply so much that the game again crashes.
But besides that this map is awesome
I see, I shall fix it as much as I can

Thanks for notifying me!~ And I am glad you are enjoying it!~
nice this is a cool place i wish you success always mate
Thanks for the supporr!~ I am glad you like it!

I'll be putting out more contents for this one, since I have a certain ending for this map in mind, and I have many more minecraft projects to come, so I really appreciate it!~
i dunno if your still answering these, or even looking at them but i figured id try. i cant figure out how the robot's bombs work, spawn the orange orb, right click remote, and it makes an end crystal, but from there i cant get it to explode
Hmmm... It is supposed to explode... And I think it is working well up until now...

I don't think I have a concrete solution for this, but I'll double check if I accidentally broke something. For now, maybe try doing it again, because it works fine whenever I test it.

Anyways, thanks for saying it. I'll try my best to know how to solve that one~

(And yes, I do check every now and then, especially this map, since I am still adding new stuff. 18 characters and 12 new arenas, I think)
how to make kit
If you want to add your own customized kit for the game, just copy how I did most of the kits I've put in the game. I've made sure to put borders per each character so you can all navigate it easier. Also, the skills requires logic, so be sure to have basic redstone and command block knowledge. (It can also get pretty mind-breaking at some point, so I bid you good luck)