By Editor
Published on May 24, 2015 (Updated on May 24, 2015)

KMPE Shaders [16x16]


Installation Guides

where do i dowload
please update to 1.14+ mcpack format
Thanks almost got a virs
I got a virus from this and had to delete it. However I do recommend the “Evo” shader, it has amazing graphics and not laggy at all! It works!
Please update this post.
Can u make a .Mcpack file please?
Is this ZIP.file safe?
My minecraft got hacked by these shaders when I was downloading this. None of my servers work anymore because of this. I cant play anymore servers because of these shaders. So now i can barely do anything on Minecraft anmore
There is a chance that you turned off notifications or turned on allow auto download, and the page downloaded an apk. You may then have seen the apk, and run it.

Or, you may not have the best computer/mobile device, and you can just remove the file manually.
Yes it is a virus just reinstall minecraft you will have everything fine on it
and if you didn't add waving leaves please add them if you make a new shader
make a shader the same without having to do the files they dont work for me
Blocks are invisible, but I can see the water as it reflects weird. I'm really surprised that this has not been fixed and at the same time ignored.
Hey, can you update the kmpe! I have the ios version (.mcpack) for kmpe 3.1 and for 1.0.0x
Ummmmm could there please be an update to this? And a simpler download?
I allready put it on the comment section
Mr. Editor could you make a mediadire iOS link I don't have a android is it possible to make it for iOS?!?