Krafted v2.1

This is a modpack that aims to improve Minecraft using addons while keeping the original Vanilla feel. Krafted includes 22 amazing addons in one modpack with full permissions! 

Enjoy Krafted!

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Change Log:

Krafted bug fix 1 by @Inshomothal in #16

Updated to January releases

AzureCulture 4.2


Advanced Fishing

Minor Changes Specific to Krafted

Removed Tackle Box recipes so fishing rods are crafted with crafting table instead

Changes that were reverted

recipe for Amber Chunk


Installation Guides

Pinned comment
Hey I want fix your texture called colorful Container when I use it and show inventory it flight and I saw Glicht texture Pls fix it and Ipdate to Colorful Container V4
I encountered an error:
I can't see the crafting UI

ui/inventory_screen_pocket.json: Can't find the control: recipe_inventory_screen_content_pocket/root_panel/hotbar_and_panel

ui/inventory_screen_pocket.json: Can't find the control: recipe_inventory_screen_content_pocket/root_panel
it's like the better modpack in mc java
This is so awesome!!
mason flint (not my real name just a name i use to roleplay) January 05, 2023 at 3:10 am
there anyway you can make it so you can turn off the strats tinker's construct UI
Really Nice Modpack but, Could you add 5 more mods? These would be:
Magicraft (add nether mobs and cool items)
Dexten Chiselry (More Blocks with "Vanilla Style"
Connected glass, it looks good!
The farlanders mod
And some Addon about new biomes
I think, with this addons your Modpack was perfect!
Sounds good, were working on improving the biomes for the next update :D
the trees of the Ender awakening
mason flint (not my real name just a name i use to roleplay) January 02, 2023 at 9:43 am
can you see if strat would let you add his mystical agriculture mod
I got an idea can you make a medieval modpack . Using ybiomes,medieval furniture,fantasy ores,spry conquest,and edge pvp sounds.
Can't import resource pack it says I have it installed already but I don't
when will the mod be updated to 1.19!?
this modpack is very good but there's some bugs and when i add the better guns addon the part table is glitching and i cant smelt the deepslate ores and its duplicating
how to create your own modpack?
A lot of codes combinings & a lot of consumed ;-;