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Published on February 03, 2021 (Updated on February 10, 2021)

Kraftoid's Modern Furniture Add-On

Modern furniture and stuff - from sofas and table sets, fabulous beautiful decorations to fantastic gaming setups with monitors, chairs and gadgets, every piece of furniture are there for you to enjoy! Created by Kraftoid.

Created by: Kraftoid (formerly PocketKent), Twitter AccountYouTube Channel

This furniture pack contains  more than 20 pieces of furniture, and will be added and updated regularly based on your requests through comments and Discord server messages:


  • Bathtub
  • Bench
  • Cabinet
  • Camera
  • Chair
  • Countertops (one and three block-long countertops)
  • Gaming desktop
  • Plants (including mini-sized plants and tall plants)
  • Fridges (with inventory)
  • Gaming chair (with a seat)
  • Laptop
  • Light panels
  • Microphones
  • Monitors (including widescreen and vertical monitors)
  • Oven
  • Modern 3d paintings
  • Shelves (including a high shelf and a wall shelf)
  • Shower
  • Sink
  • Sofa (seats for five players)
  • Stool (with a seat)
  • Telescope
  • Television
  • Toilet
  • Wall Clock
  • Computer accessories (including headsets and keyboard & mouse)
  • Tables (including center tables, big and mini tables)
  • Lamps (including modern table lamp, reading lamp and a full lamp)

More furniture pieces, stuffs and functionalities will going to be added (color variations, survival support and functions) in the next furniture update, so stay tuned!


  1. You can use the pack for personal use ONLY. You will have a great time with it!
  1. I am encouraging everyone to freely use for making YouTube videos or content. In case you will gonna use it for a YouTube or any social media content/video, you may use it freely! Just please grant my wish - by leaving some credits and the official link in your video or any use.
  1. Please don't use, replicate or distribute the same models and textures. I'll keep watching for it.


  • WILL YOU ADD MORE FURNITURE PIECES IN THE FUTURE? It's a yes. I will keep it updated every week or two! 
  • WILL YOU ADD MORE COLORS TO FURNITURE PIECES? Yes, eventually. Working first on making them bug-free!
  • WILL YOU ADD ANIMATIONS TO THESE? Eventually, yes. For now, nope. Let's work first on expanding the furniture library!
  • WHERE CAN I DISCUSS, REQUEST OR REPORT ANY PROBLEM? OR JUST TALK? I have my Discord server set-up for the questions or anything about the add-on. This is the Discord server of Modern Furniture Add-on ( 



In case you have a lot of questions, requests or anything to say - you can join the server with the link above. You can DM me as well.

Select version for changelog:



  • Fixed missing names for toilet and wall shelf
  • Fixed toilet and mini sofa 
  • Survival support and 3D blocks (which was supposed to roll out in this update) will come later this week due to time constraints (oh, that's sad).
  • More complex features will come in the next few weeks.

Notes:   For people requesting Linkvertise, Linkvertise links had to be removed on the original update submission. Other alternatives have already tried to find but the best to do is stick with for now. Thanks.

Have a nice day!



Follow the steps carefully:
  1. Download both resources and behavior packs through given links down.
  2. Please skip and avoid harmful ads. These links are one of only few ways you can make me happy!
  3. Click both resources and behavior .mcpack to start importing to your Minecraft client.
  4. Make sure to activate the behavior and resources pack before the game. Since dependency is set in both packs, activating resource pack will activate behavior pack as well (if both present on the game).
  5. Open your world.

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4.86 / 5 (14 votes)
BedrockMinecraftPro11 April 21, 2021 at 8:14 pm
This Addon does not work for me. When I used it there was no furniture. How can I get the furniture?
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Is there a recipe for the items? If not is it coming? Cause it would be great to use these items in survival too, if you can't already. Over all 4 star rating, that is my only complaint, love the set!
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Its cool but the monitor is to long If you can make a smaller one then it will be a 5 star
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No offense but it would be better if some blocks are possibly not entities not all have to be 3D blocks if it is too hard for you to code. It is already ruined by the shadows under all blocks
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3D Blocks will come next. It was supposed to be brought on this update, but time is killing me. ☹️
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@Kraftoid finally someone understands mob spawning blocks are annoying i have a furniture mod that when you spawn it, it says the model is loading also can you make it to where The model faces to where the player is standing because im not sure if it does that
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Woah this is Awesome i think all i needed is here for my map thanks dude
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Hey all. In case you've wondering if these furniture are entities or a 3D block. All furniture models are entities. 3D block replacements for some furniture will come next. Thanks.
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is some of the furniture models 3d blocks?
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This add-on is really great, also I have a request, can you make it like blocks? Like the other add-ons out there? It's okay if you can't because it's really great
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Can I Ask A Question? Do The Texture of the items 128x128? if so Pls Make A 16x16 texture for low end devices cuz my friend has one, it will be great if you did it
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All textures are in 64x64 (not so low-res, not so high-res, just balanced) I might consider 32x32 later, Thanks!
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Thank You! My Friend will be happy!
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AccountThatsJustHere February 03, 2021 at 6:03 pm
this is epic
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the gaming stuff is green, luckily my fav color is green
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There is a minor error with the toilet and wall shelf naming (because of a..typo) which hopefully will not make you mad or angry.

I got the fix but I think it'll be fine to bring survival support along with it (needs some time). I'll keep you updated. Have fun thanks!
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