Published on March 22, 2021 (Updated on July 22, 2021)

Labirin Map (Maze Map) v1.7

Labirin (maze) is a puzzle with an starting point and many different paths to choose in order to find the exit. You have to find the right exit to be able to complete this map, if you are wrong you will hit a dead end and will never be able to get out of this maze. If you like puzzle map you should download this map!

FYI: This map was made by an Indonesian and uses Indonesian but it doesn't affect the gameplay. and I'm sorry if there is a mistake in the translation because I understand only a little English, I also use google translate to translate from Indonesian to English

This map has 13 levels with different difficulty levels at each level. Each level has its own characteristics. The levels are: Leaves Maze (5 levels from level 1-5), Bookshelf Maze (2 levels from level 6-7), Golden Maze (1 level), Sky Diamond Maze (2 levels), Bedrock Maze (1 level), Nether Maze (1 level), and Poisonous Water Maze (1 level)

At levels 9 - 12 there will be its own challenges (not just looking for a way out of the maze), which is a hostile mob that will attack.


Leaves Maze (Level 1 - 5)


Bookshelf Maze (Level 6 - 7)


Golden Maze (Level 8)



Sky Diamond Maze (Level 9 - 10)

At level 9 there are zombies, level 10 zombies with creepers



Bedrock Maze (Level 11)

At this level there are 3 types of hostile mobs namely zombies, creepers, and skeletons



Nether Maze (Level 12)

At this level there are Zombified Piglin and Blaze. This level is also unique compared to other levels, which is made not only with one type of block but several blocks in the nether, besides that there is also lava that can burn and make players die if hit by the lava.


Poisonous Water Maze (Level 13)

(NEW version 1.6)

Here if you are exposed to water then you will be given poison 5 for 2 seconds and if you are exposed to water for too long then the effect will kill you


Lava Maze (Level 14)

(NEW version 1.7)

Here if you exposed to lava you will burn and players will be die if players stay exposed to lava


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Made by Adnil Bae

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If you make a video of my maps, please give me credits on description and don't give MediaFire link, always give MCPEDL link!!!


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Labirin Map v1.7

Added new level : The Lava Maze, some improvement


Download and install like a normal maps. Note : This map can only be played on Minecraft with version 1.17.10 and above, cannot be played by previous versions

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