Published on September 04, 2022

Lancia Stratos HF

While most people would think of the golden age of rally, that is, during the Group B era during the early 80's till the mid-80's, many often times tend to forget the era of rallying before the introduction of Group B. In other words, an era overshadowed by its more renowned "successor" that is Group B. We're talking about the 70's, and what other car that is more suitable to be the poster car of 70's era rallying if it isn't the mighty wedge designed Stratos HF? The Stratos HF was essentially the Audi Quattro of 70's rallying; a machine that was developed by Lancia for the sole purpose of dominating the rally scene as the world knew it, and dominate they did. Located in the rear of the car is the mid-engine mounted 2.5L V6 Ferrari Dino engine which was capable of producing about 190hp which taking it's lightweight chassis into consideration allowed it to enter corners at blistering speeds with little to no hesitation and exit corners with high acceleration. This, alongside it's rigid body, made it one of the most successful rally cars the world has ever seen back then and even to this day.

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