Published on July 17, 2023 (Updated on July 22, 2023)



Land Protection is an Addon that allows players to protect their base from other players who are riotous while on the Server / Realm.

Land Protection can be used in Servers, Realms and private Worlds. But this Addon can't work on Aternos platform because the platform doesn't allow its users to upload files with (.js) format.

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Changelog v1.0.0

[Sat, Jul 15]: This addon posted on mcpedl.

Changelog v1.1.0

[Mon, Jul 17]: Fixed bug at message and reduce spam text when can't access player land.



  • Land Protection v1.1.0 (MC 1.20.10).mcpack (7.13 KB)
  • Land Protection v1.1.0 (MC 1.20.0).mcpack (7.13 KB)

Supported Minecraft versions

I liked this add-on very much, but it seems like it won't work on recent versions. Although, I am trying to update it by myself, and almost got it working in 1.20.72 (and then ruined it all....)

I would very much like to talk to the creator, BiezzYz, if I could help update it and if he can also help with the bugs I encountered, but specially, if I am allowed to do such thing.

My discord username is xnaxgame. I promote anyone willing to help to add me and talk with me about this, specially if you're the original creator. I won't do any public actions without the creator's consent (BielzzYz).

Edit: I figured out how dumb I am... If you want it working in the latest versions, change the manifest.json file, in the dependencies section, the version from 1.4.0-beta to 1.10.0-beta.

If it doesn't work, you likely have to try another version. Try 1.10.0 or 1.11.0-beta, it depends on what version is available for you at the moment.
Could you please update this addon to the latest version (1.20.50 or 1.20.60). Changing the manifest to 1.8.0-beta didn't help
change manifest to 1.10.0-beta in minecraft version 1.20.72. It worked for me.
Could You Please Update This To the new update this was my favorite land claim addon.
Appears to be broken after 1.20.30 update. Will you be updating this?
I have a lot of questions ._. ,

1. What command do i have to run to get "money"

2. How can a player see his "money" & how can an admin see others "money" amount can a player completely remove his claimed land & how can a admin romove others claimed land ?

4. How can one expand his already claimed land?

Suggestions -
1. Get a Discord server
2. Make a proper tutorial video on YT explaining everything .
3. Make a GUI for easy use
Money is a scoreboard thing.

Player can use #land command to sell their claims, this removing them

To expand, either buy additional area adjacent or sell the claim and buy a newer one.
Hey, so I put the addon in my realm which is 1.20.12, I installed the 1.12.10 one and typed "#land help" but nothing happened.
Did you turn on beta API ?
Bro are theese addons still on 1.20.10??!?
They don’t work
The minecraft/server module changed to 1.4.0-beta instead of 1.3.0-beta
Hope that helps
Yess, i'm sorry for that. Thanks for your information.
i download and made all the steps but the same dont work to me. The logic of the addon its good, if you can help me make it works in my server it will be awesome.
Sorry for the mistake I put minecraft version 1.20.10, and it didn't work. now this addon works on minecraft version 1.20 and above, and you can try this addon again. I hope it will work.
This is amazing, I love it! Would it be possible to add something to prevent players from opening chests/doors on someones plot if they are not invited?
Sorry, for now players who are not invited cannot open chests/doors only if they hold an item/block in their hand. but if the player's bare hands can still open it, I also want to make it that way, but maybe in the next version of Minecraft add an event that can find out if the player is opening a chest or door. For the current version, Minecraft doesn't have that event yet. (Sorry my English is bad)
Is there a way I can contact you outside of mcpedl? Do you have Discord?
Yes, you can contact me on discord "BiezzYz#9138" or username "biezzyz"