Landmines and Miniguns! Add-on

This pack is for anyone that thinks Minecraft could use some serious military hardware. In other words, this pack is for everyone! Who doesn’t love landmines and miniguns,,? Is it Christmas already?!?

Well, maybe the mobs won’t love them, but YOU sure will. And that’s the main thing.

You can get these bad, bad boys from your local weaponsmith. Neat, hey. Level the trader all the way up and the final top-of-the-range trade will be an enchanted axe. Nice! Boring! Not that nice! How about landmines or miniguns??!? You betcha. Just make sure you bring yo emeralds. And emerald blocks!


Block Breakers (red light)

Place them down, and you have five seconds to get out of the trigger-zone. After that, if anything comes within a few blocks, there’ll be a boom. And that anything might be gone. As well as a good chunk of land. For reference, they do about the same damage as a charged creeper… Ummm, maybe don’t place them near your base.

Non-block Breakers (yellow light)

As for the above, but no breaking of blocks. Consider them your personal anti-personnel mines. Cheaper and easier to trade for.


These are all sorts of nasty. Place one down and it’ll shoot any monster. Many times. Not a whole lot of hit points but you can repair them with iron and when they break you can just pick them up and place them down again.

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To the gung-ho youtubers out there, if you do a review/showcase, thank you! Please link back to *this page* on mcpedl. Cheers!

Changelog View more

New landmine! One that doesn't break blocks. See your friendly weaponsmith.

Balanced the trading a little (you can now trade 10 landmines per day) and dropped the price of the miniguns. A little. Also added many more sound effects to the miniguns.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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25 Responses

4.93 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Guest-9772027069 says:

    I have a question
    Is this have crafts
    For example turrets?

  2. Guest-1733552180 says:

    Will there be any new minigun or are u ganna add turrets to this addon??. I would love it if you can add turrets to this addon every few weeks. The reason why i want you to do this is because i need it for my zombie chaos game and its big with 25 addons on that world and 100+ command block with around 100+ zombies in game. Im Not kidding by the way.

  3. DTechGamer says:

    This is really awesome! Great job! πŸ™‚πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. DiamondSquid says:

    by the way is the guns supposed to die after shooting? it happened to me

  5. Guest-6632344822 says:

    add them to spawns

  6. xLeonx says:

    This is a great addon does it work on realms sir?

  7. User-3187033684 says:

    If you could add a mountable minigun turret or rocket turret that would be great. Over all this Addon is awesom!

  8. User-1746244544 says:

    I never thought that i would need this in my life

  9. User-3972221661 says:

    Very Nice

  10. User-6249767772 says:

    Could you make a truck with a mounted machine gun?

  11. User-7639768489 says:

    Could you please make the land mine explosion to not be to big if it is big and it should be possible to do that.

  12. User-7639768489 says:

    Could you please make the land mine explosion to not be to big if it is big and it should be possible to do that.

  13. User-8709156426 says:

    Could you do military vehicles?

  14. User-6549116384 says:

    Finally more turrets related stuff for my zombie game

  15. User-1401812923 says:

    Good bro.very very good

  16. Monster gaming says:

    Very niceβ­β­β­β­β­πŸ‘

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