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Published on July 23, 2020 (Updated on July 23, 2020)

Large Survival Island with Ravine (Seed)

If you are looking for a seed that combines both survival island life with abundant resources, this is the seed for you!  While many survival islands are very small in size and only harbor a meager amount of resources, this one is large enough to build your dream base, with the added bonus of a deep ravine right on the island.

This seed spawns you on a large survival island that is multiple hundreds of blocks from any mainland terrain.  It features a small forest, as well as a flat, open plains biome that has a large ravine cut through it.  The ravine descends all the way to lava, so you will have a head start on collecting resources.  Plus, the island has plenty of room to build a large home.  It's a perfect place for a survival world.  

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what is your time set for this screenshot? it beautiful
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he is using the esbe 2g shader
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