Published on August 28, 2020 (Updated on August 28, 2020)

Largest TNT Block

In this Minecraft world I have built a giant TNT block. You can download this and have fun blowing it all up! I hope you enjoy my giant TNT block!

I built a giant TNT block. I also built giant redstone dust connected to a giant lever. When you flick the giant lever the entire world will be obliterated! There is a lever on the giant lever and when you flick it, it will ignite the tnt block and you can say goodbye to the world. I also built a giant healing potion that when you press it you will get 200 hearts! I had no world edit and had to hand build everything. There isn't much else to this world. All you can do with it is blowing it up. I think it would be fun to build a house on top of the tnt block and then blow it up. I had fun building this map and I hope you enjoy blowing everything up!

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Added more details and images. I hope you enjoy the map!


  • Largest TNT Block.mcworld

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this is great,minus the lag of course.:p