Published on August 13, 2019 (Updated on December 29, 2019)

Laser Guns Addon

This addon will add powerful and modern laser rifles to the world of minecraft that will perfectly burn any ores and flesh of your enemies. Each rifle can be assembled in survival mode! Become a true master of the cubic world!

This addon will add powerful and modern laser rifles to the world of minecraft that will perfectly burn any ores and flesh of your enemies.

In order to shoot a rifle, you need to take it in your hands and sit down. To re-shoot, stand up and sit down again. This is the first version of the addon and it may have some bugs and instabilities.

At the moment, the addon adds three new laser rifles, each of which has its own effects:

- Mining laser: digs a 3x3 cube at the site of the shot

Now you can dig a mine in a couple of seconds!

- Ion laser: detonates the shot

Perhaps, with the force of the explosion, he was a bit excited ...

- Thermal laser: sets fire to a shot

May the sacred fire of a new war ignite!

Each rifle can be assembled in survival mode:

Step 0:

          We go to the mine and get iron, redstone, coal and more...

Step 1:

          Get an iron plate

Step 2:

          Get an iron cable

Step 3:

          Get a circuit

Fine! The chip is the basis of all add-on electronics. Now you can assemble the lasers:

Mining laser

Ion laser

Thermal laser

But we cannot shoot them yet, since they are discharged and they need to be charged.

Step 4:

          Get a battery

Now we charge the laser. The charge of all lasers is the same.

Now our lasers can be used! But after you make a certain number of shots from the laser, it will be discharged and you will have to recharge it!

More info:

  • The shots have a bug: the laser shot freezes in the water and activates if you push it to the shore. In the next update, I plan to fix it.
  • Shots have a bug: a laser shot does not always properly injure a mob when hit. In the next update, I plan to fix it.

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What's New in Version 2.0:

  • This update adds support for Minecraft Bedrock 1.14

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it does not work for minecraft education edition
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Its because edu doesn't support custom items unless rendered specifically for it. I think.
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Wreakin a village
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i cant fire the lasers for some reason, they wont shoot and they wont work for me for a reason?
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Works in 1.16 just fine, i found a problem, the mining laser can mine obsidian, which is very broke for survival, if you intend to let it op, make an expensive crafting recipe
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iloveminecraft1234567 October 04, 2020 at 2:38 pm
This pack is a big mess:

1. Dependencies in the manifest reference the wrong UUID.
2. Crouch to shoot is just stupid for Windows 10 users. It's not difficult to change the behavior to "eating" instead so you can right-click or long-press to shoot.
3. Translations are missing for the pack name and description for ONE of the packs.
4. Pack names are not the same for behavior and resource
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As much as I respect your personal opinions, maybe a nicer comment would be better?
I still think that:
The Creator did a good job though because:
1. it still works
2. the issues can easily be fixed
3. it's actually quite cool once you try it
4. because you can easily make a java or edu version of this like I did.
Though with my full respect my opinion is not the only valid or important one but I though I might just say. Sorry for inconvenience.
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Hey, Meduilthron I recommend putting how to shoot it in the description so people wont get mad and rate it low

How to shoot:
How to get it in creative:

Mining laser: /give @s factorycraft:mining_laser

Thermal laser: /give @s factorycraft:thermal_laser

Ionic laser: /give @s factorycraft:ionic_laser
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Guest-3844269956 May 31, 2020 at 3:39 pm
∞/200 :)
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how do I get it with gamemode c or commands or SOMETHING?
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i got this addon and now on one of the worlds i added it to in the creative inventory there is a spawn_egg called:
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Could you add just a straight-up laser rifle? You could fire it in a beam or a pulse and it is designed specifically for combat and causes minimal environmental damage except for when it is hitting a block for a few seconds.
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im guessing this only works on ios/android because im trying it on windows 10 and it doesn't seem to work
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How do i remove the laser guns text at the player list at realms?
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