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Published on December 27, 2015 (Updated on December 27, 2015)

Last King Standing [PvP]

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I will edit this map cool map for a gun battle like actual guns.
Nice thanks ahmershah
Good war map!
Mc.worldfile pls map creator
If you want free gems on clash royale here's a link
Could you please add the mcworld file? That would be amazing.
Cannons are Useless, They Just Fire Straight Up Made My Own Cannon And Destroyed The Other Castle.
Mc world file plz
mcworld file plz editor i will be set for life
Can iOS get this map
I wish i could get this on mcworld.file :(
Please don't cry my friend please download ES file explorer app and do the following steps. Go to downloads . There is an archive called last man standing . And click on it if you have Minecraft. It automatically opes minecraft and make the world for you.
Your best regards Ahmer shah