Laundry Set Addon!

Packed with varieties of animated washing machines, an animated clothing rack, a working faucet, and more. Enjoy the laundry days in your minecraft worlds even more with the Laundry Set Addon by yours truly.

The very first laundry addon in mcpedl now with its more improved version! (See changelog section at the bottom for more details)


Select version for changelog:

  • The Laundry Basket now has clothes animation
  • I added a towel to the towel rack. Now, it comes with a swaying animation.
  • the download link has also been updated

I guess I'm done updating this now, I'll be moving on to my Musical Instruments addon (maybe I'll put some music to it, don't know yet). Any suggestions for additional items in this pack before I upload a final video? Just comment it down below!



Installation Guides

Is it survival friendly?
Can you make it as a block it looks good
Perfect for my girlfriend!
Girls will like it!
Can you make a nursery furniture addon as well?
* Me Coming 1 Year Later After You Post This* OMG that would be so cool
So how did I find this addon, I was bored and searched in mcpedl "I don't want to set the world on fire" and found this addon but hey this addon is great.
Amazing thanks can you make a caves and cliffs update addon because most of the addon when I download I don't see them in my inventory bit this one is good!
this kinda suck bc why does the robot cleaner dosent move u didnt even tell us how to move the robot vacum
You can turn it on by sneaking and it will automatically move around, you can also turn it off in the same manner. I mentioned it in the changelog (v1-0-3)
You should make it so that leather armor can get dirty and you can wash in in the washing machine
Amazing!!! THANK YOU!!! :)
Both of them don't work for me it said both failed
I can't download it from (R) and when I downloaded it from (B) the objects were invisible !!!
because you need both of (R) and (B) apply in your minecraft world.
I can't to download the (R).
You have to allow the notifications the 2nd time it appears
please add it for 1.14
It is for 1.14