Published on October 18, 2021 (Updated on August 21, 2022)

Lava Coal Add-On

Tired of just using buckets of coal and lava to burn in-game items? If you want something different, download this addon, we have some types of coals that are more efficient than the two items in the game that help you with that.

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- Link redirection has changed due to issues downloading and splitting links for accounts other than linkvertise.

Update Note: We've added a new sludge coal that will be found in your mining world. He will have a little less time in the furnace than the other two.


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I think this is a really cool idea. Works pretty well, just a few minor issues.
1. The ore block doesn't show up in the creative inventory
2. The ore is not affected by most enchants. Efficiency and fortune both had no effect, silk touch did work though. With an eff 5 netherite pick I could break obsidian much faster than the ore.
Things I liked:
1. How much the lava coal could smelt, plus it stacks so it is far better than lava.
2. The texture is nice, just maybe remove the enchant texture on the coal itself
3. It spawns in low, rare quantities making it not too overpowered.
4. The ore has a little glow to signal that there is lava in it
1. Make a block of lava coal, you know, because you need to smelt 1000 blocks at once
2. Make all coal next to lava turn into lava coal, as if the lava seeped into it
3. Maybe make the smelt amount a 8-bit number i.e 128
4. if possible allow the ore to generate below y=0 in a deepslate texture
parese una excelente idea pero quizás para no hacer las cosas tan fáciles puedes hacer que se genere en capas -10 para que esa un poco especial encontrarlo solo es mi opinion pero excelente aporte amigo uwu