Published on January 28, 2022

Leafeon [32x]

This green 32x pack has all of the PvP items edited plus a large variety of blocks, ui, armor, and entities. This pack also includes an optional bottom chat mode, if that's your thing. 

Beautiful green panoramic background!

Pristine GUI!

Perfect 3D looking armor!

Original tool designs!

Incredible Golden and Regular apples!

Flawless swords, buckets, ender pearl, and fishing rod!

Variating Ores!

Awesome grass and logs!

Nether fits the pack!

Breathtaking inventory!

Astonishing chest and armor items!

Stunning hotbar icons!

Miraculous green sky!

Spectacular pause screen!

Variating stone bricks!






Installation Guides

everything is clean in this pack, but can u please make one where's it's the default edit with a shorter sword, btw I loved the Ui the effort is very noticeable, keep it up G