Legacy Water Color/Texture 0.3.5 (KuriSan_Fox) - Fixed Page (Again)

Would you like to see the old water again?

This resource pack, you can use old water textures and animations from both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition!

You can also change the underwater view distance to the previous one.

(Supported Languages: Japanese(日本語)/English).



WARNING: MCPEDL Page's Screenshot has old(Reason: I Can't found good Screenshot terrain).

1. Old Java Edition Classic(古い Javaのクラシック版)

No Animations, normal view distance.(アニメーションがないのと、ふつうの描画距離。)


2.Old Java Edition 1.4 (Java版1.4)

WARN:  It is cut in the middle due to the size of the water texture. It may be abolished in the future.(警告:ファイルのテクスチャサイズが原因でカットされます。今後廃止される可能性があります。)

1.4 Water color file: NostalgiaCraft (https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/resource-packs/1229392-nostalgia-craft)


3.Java Edition 1.12.2(Java版1.12.2)

LWC's first water color.(LWCの最初の水の色。)

4.Legacy Console Edition 1.95 (旧コンソール版 1.95)

this like Java Edition.(Java版とほぼ同じです。)

5.Bedrock Edition 1.2.10(統合版 1.2.10) with Graphics

At the moment, the resource pack cannot reproduce the "color of water that seems to be reflected in the distance", but I think it looks good.(リソースパックでは「遠くの空の色が反射しているように見える水の色」を再現できませんが、見栄えはいい方だと思います

(I think it's a good one to see from a close distance, but it feels strange in the sea.(近くで見る分にはいいですが、海



6.Bedrock Edition 1.2.10 (統合版 1.2.10)without Graphics

It will not be optimized.(軽量化はされません)

7.Bedrock Edition 1.4.0 (統合版 1.4.0)

I left it because it may change in the future.(将来変更される可能性があるため、残しました。)


Bedrock 1.4.0 and above are compatible with all versions.



-The water color of 1.4 may be abolished in the future. Please don't contact me about any animation bugs.(1.4の水の色は将来的に廃止される可能性があります。水のアニメーションのバグについては連絡してこないでください。)

-What looks like a reflection of the sky color of 1.0.0 water color cannot be reproduced at this time. Please don't contact me about it.(1.0.0の水の色の空の色の反射しているように見える色は再現不可能です。それについては連絡してこないでください。)

-Please do not reprint the resource pack. It was reprinted without permission on McBedrock.(リソースパックを転載しないでください。McBedrockに無断転載されていました。)

-Please credit if use of resource pack images / codes.(リソースパックの画像/コードを使用する場合はクレジット記載をお願いします)

Please include this MCPEDL link if you want to use it for video / screenshot / server / client etc.(動画・スクショ・サーバー・クライアントなどで使用する場合はこのMCPEDLのリンクを記載してください)

For personal use / use for screenshots such as Twitter, there is no problem even if there is no credit.(Twitterなどで使用するスクリーンショットの場合はクレジット記載しなくてもOKです)

Modifications for personal use are fine, but if you want to publish the modified resource pack, please list the credits and ask me for permission.(個人使用での改造は許可しますが、改造されたリソースパックを公開する際はクレジット記載と私に許可を求めてください)

Please refrain from reprinting without permission. :)(無断転載は行わないでください)

This resource pack may be unsupported in the future. I will update it whenever possible, but may stop producing resource packs abruptly. I have no plans to stop now, but I may announce it at that time.(このリソースパックは将来的にサポートされなくなる可能性があります。私は可能である限り更新しますが、突然リソースパックの制作をやめる可能性があります。今はやめる予定はありませんが、その時発表するかもしれません。)


This is a self-reprint by me.

MineAdd Edition(Japanese)

My GitHub HomePage. Can download New Beta and Old versions! (Outdated)


My Accounts:


ookamigitsune(KuriSan_Fox's sub):Twitter

Discord Server(Japanese)


Select version for changelog:


0.3.5 09/04/21 by KuriSan_Fox || MCPEDL 1.1.0

This update will not include any in-game changes. Sorry!

- Added -
> Added Screenshots.

> Changed Image.


If it looks like a site that is not Minecraft: Pocket Edition Download, please go to that site. You will not be able to download it.





★Do You want Zip version?★

I do not plan to release a zipped version; you can easily zip the mcpack and mcaddon extensions. For example, if the file name is "foxwolf.mcpack", rename it to "foxwolf.zip". You can then unzip it and put it in your resource pack folder for direct installation.

★install mcpack/mcaddon file★

Run the downloaded file directly. For example, if the downloaded files are "foxwolf.mcpack" and "foxwolf.mcaddon", please execute those files directly. Android users will probably be prompted to choose the application to run. In that case, select Minecraft.



Installation Guides

The download link page was changed yesterday to show an error message if you use an unsupported browser. Also, English and Japanese translations have been made (pages that have been detected as possibly being reprinted without permission have been translated before, but starting yesterday, the browser language will be detected and automatically translated).
Unfortunately, we do not plan to support non-supporting browsers due to JavaScript.
(Example: Windows 10 - Internet Explore)
hope this can be fixed soon
I may not need to update it any more. To be honest, I've also decided that this resource pack might as well be finished. If I do continue, 0.4.0 may be the last one.
I will continue to fix bugs.
i cant download it wont let me
Hmm? By clicking on the fox pixelart, you should be able to access dropbox and download it from there.
Did you see a warning screen by any chance? If so, your website may be outdated, or you may be using a browser app that does not allow JavaScript to acquire previously opened pages. try Chrome, and Fire Fox or MS Edge.

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We apologize for the inconvenience >
I'm sorry. Translation error.

By any chance, did you get a warning screen? If so, your browser may be outdated or you may be using a browser app that doesn't allow JavaScript to retrieve previously opened pages. try Chrome, Fire Fox or MS Edge.

If you keep seeing pixel art of a fox and "Loading (in Japanese)", your browser may be outdated or unsupported. Please try a different browser.

If none of the above applies to you, we would appreciate it if you could explain the situation in detail.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Can I Have The Direct Link Please Before I Try Another Browser
it wasnt my browser and i use google chrome
Sorry about that.
Hmmm, I'd like to post the URL directly too, but it's not possible due to some problems. I'm sorry.
Can you please tell me your device (example: Android Xperia, iPhone, Windows 10) and browser?
windows 10 google chrome (might try firefox)
What kind of screen is displayed? I can't do anything with the current information.
it just said i might be coming from a different link other than mcpedl which im not
Hello, I eat cactus :D September 05, 2021 at 1:52 am
Bruh, you can just go on bedrock tweaks:

The next version is not 0.3.4, but 0.3.5.
I forgot to set the version number to 0.3.5 when submitting the resource pack.
Sorry >
I just noticed that I forgot to turn off the experimental UI.
Please delete the ui folder if you don't like the error log or the broken configuration screen.
0.3.4 has a few bug fixes.
It's my mistake that "Installation" has the same contents as the changelog. Don't worry about it.><
Could you make a pack mimicking the animation speed of Java lava while being able to use wither current lava or older lava like Beta?
I've been thinking about this for a while.
I don't know if it's possible, but I'll try a few things and if I succeed, I'll publish it as another resource pack.
Thanks for the idea!
I don't know if anyone else has this when using this pack, but does the water (at least 1.4 and 1.12 versions) animation seem to jump from one frame to the following frame and it isn't smooth?
It is described in 'Known Issues'.
Because the water texture frame in Java 1.4 is different from the water texture frame in Java 1.5+ (and Bedrock), there was a bug that the water texture was not applied by just importing the texture as is.
So I had to cut out more than half of it.
I've been looking for a way to fix this for a while now, and I'm considering removing the subpack.
We've been looking for a way to fix it for a while now, so please wait a little longer.
Great texture pack, but for some reason there seems to be gaps in the textures on the parts farther from the player. please fix. Also the classic texture in the newest version of the texture pack shows up as the missing textures.
NVM, ignore the first sentence.
Thanks for the bug report!
We'll try to fix it as soon as possible.
No random water color changes in Bedrock 1.4.0-removed from Minecraft itself.
I've had a problem with the 1.17.10 implementation, but this bug is probably unfixable at this time.

If you are using an older water color such as 1.12.2, this is fine.
It looks better!
The fog wasn't properly confirmed, so I'll fix it again.
I forgot.
This is only if the "Cave and Cliffs" toggle is enabled.
(using tradutor)kurisan tem uns bugs de texturas da água da 1.12.2 e da bedrock 1.0.0 eu não estou reclamando que a textura é ruim só estou pedindo pra corrigir essas duas versões de água as outras não tão com problema.
What kind of bug is it?
I would like to respond immediately, so it would be helpful if you could let me know as soon as possible. m(_ _)m
Since the fog has been broken since 1.17.0, there may be no change in the fog drawing distance until it is fixed in 1.17.10.