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Published on November 10, 2016 (Updated on June 27, 2017)

LAT (Less Annoying Textures) Resource Pack [16x16]


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This is TRASH. Just use The MultiPixel Texture Pack ( ) . It's HD Vanilla.
can u change the swords?
I love it, but whenever I try to use the chat it crashes, can u please fix this?
Just don't download a file too big
Cool textures :)
AmyTheMiefwaAlpha June 27, 2017 at 6:40 pm
Amazing texture pack! Love the sun, moon, ores, and all the other textures! Good job Vladu 11!
LillyTheWerewolfAlpha June 27, 2017 at 6:38 pm
Love it
Most beautiful pack Ive seen! I love it. Ive always enjoyed the 16x16 vanilla tp, but as u say, there are some anoying blocks!
Wow way better i hated how the Doritos looked like now since I got this it looks lot better
Let's make a behavior pack to where the bow shoots like a machine gun from the touch of the screen
Someone, can someone just make a One Piece Addon? Fan made/not?
And~ Nice dude!
Vladu, PLZ CHANGE THE GLASS AND BRICK TEXTURE TO WHAT THE DESCRIPTION SHOWS! and plez change clay bak to normal cause we now have concrete blocks. This looked like a great texture pack! But when this update came out to make LAT work on my thing, I was disappointed on how different the textures look now. Plz make another LAT with the normal terracotta textures, mixed brick textures, and borderless glass.
Oh, also maybe invisible item frames 4 a sleeker look in houses! Thx!
Someone who hates bordered glass! ?
Very Cool Texture
I hope this texture pack will update soon. I really like this one