Published on November 15, 2022 (Updated on January 01, 2023)

Level Statistics 0.1.5 | 1.19.50+ (Compatible with any Addon)

this addon adds new stats to make your game harder, and you can improve your level in them using XP. This addon makes game progression much more difficult than it should, in this first version we only have 4 stats, but it could get a lot harder in the future.

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Better UI with more information | Compatibility for the latest version | Adapted to 1.1.0 of  "@minecraft/server" 



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I think the add-on broke in the recent update, because my armor, inventory slots aren't locked. Also, the book doesn't show anything on screen when I hold it.
Imagine combiners with the skill book
add on cuz not only that you has to
unlock the armor slots but also unlock
the level to wear it the extra challenge
Great addon, using it for my world and works great.