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Lexerland v5.0 [Creation]

Welcome to the world of Lexerland, a Minecraft map that dates back to April of 2015. This map is a project done by its author Lexer_Gaming.

Current version: 5.0

Follow the map progress on Twitter @lexerland and on Instagram @lexerland_project. Also, feel free to visit the official website for more info!



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Changelog for v5.0:

  • Added the skyscraper "One Lexerland" (103m tall) 
  • Added interior in one of the highrises beside "Lex arena"  
  • Extended the runway at "Landskär Int'l Airport" (IATA:LSR) 
  • Rebuilt the "LexerCity Central station".
  • Rebuilt the "ICONIC Bridge".
  • Removed "Moderm museum of art", to make way for "One Lexerland".
  • Renovated The "Olympic stadium" (swimming pool centre).
  • Renovated the LexerCity marina waterfront path.
  • Extended the "Landskär Int'l Airport" building (adding one more Duty Free shop in arrivals area). 

  And much more...

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4.62 / 5 (37 votes)
Can you make it 1.16 please lexer_gaming
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Ok Lexer gaming can you make it compatible with
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Guest-8513866087 May 16, 2020 at 3:24 am
Can you make it compatible with beta 1.16, Lexer_Gaming?
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i have downloaded the NXUS hub and was waiting for this, thank you
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Please add quarrantine facilities plss and area51 this makes it perfect
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Whoops, I just noticed today i sent the wrong .zip file. I'm so sorry for the people whom downloaded the not up to date version.
I have just now updated (as of writing this) the .zip file. Thankfully i sent the right .mcworld file.
My sincere apologies.
- Lexer_Gaming
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The motorway won’t show up. I couldn’t find the new airport. Great map been playing on this map since 3.0!
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Guest-4441428497 May 11, 2020 at 9:27 am
Ce se întâmplă aici lexere!??‍♂️??‍♀️ faceți două linii de metrou 3 & 4 în loc de gară și linii de metrou 5 & 6 și shopping city și cazinoul ?accesul interzis peaceland!
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HEY LEXER, This map is the best. I in progress of renovating LIA, it coming out. When is 4.5 going to come out. What is going to be in it.
Best Amazing
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Hey mate, how could I teleport to the lexerland? I mean what's the coordinates?
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Very cool! love the fact that there is an Ikea
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The G L I T C H FOUNTAIN make my phone ....... die ???
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I hope the buildings Rae furnished because sometimes I see this AMAZING CITY but there is no furniture.

Anyway looks sooo cool.
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Can I contribute or something?
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import is failed ?
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ModernMallBuilder769 June 01, 2018 at 8:17 am
Love the new uptade btw first to comment after v 3.0 came out lol
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Nice that you IKEA. That’s a really cool and awesome place. (Also it’s huge!)
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