Published on August 23, 2020

Libbywolf1617's Mansion

This is a map made for my friend. It is a mansion with a lot of space. We have a complete interior but feel free to decorate it and change anything i hope you enjoy. This map has space for a lot of activity and would be perfect for role play with your friends. 



  • Libbys Mansion.mcworld
  • Libbys

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OooooOOoMYGod this is a very very ultra awesome fantastic mind-blowing extraordinary epic map oh my goodness it's so... I am SPEECHLESS ?
Hey there ive been looking into your issue and sent people to try the downloads and all of them seem to have succeeded in downloading it they all used the mcworld download (the first download link) and its fine it may be something on your end im sorry i couldnt help have you tried the zip folder or made sure your minecraft is up to date?
"level import failed"