Liberia City Final Update (Support for 1.19)

Hello welcome to liberia city , a large detailed map with 2 big cities and many places to explore ,This map has everything from big buildings to small shops and homes, there are also many great places to explore!, In this map you can do what you want from driving cars, to flying in planes!

This map is suitable for roll games, creative and survival too! We hope you enjoy the map and have fun.

Att the builders 

Review: This update brings support for version 1.19


I hope you like the map✌️

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What's new in this maintenance update?

Now the map is available for 1.19 onwards,

 it is recommended not to install the map with the shader as the shaders now don't work in 1.19. they only work on 1.18 and below.

Well in this update bugs are fixed on the map.

Fixed import error.

Fixed a combatability bug between addons 

Map description updated 

Revised mcworld and zip files 

Thanks for downloading the map!

Thank you for the support you have given to the map, we have broken the goal of 450k download, thank you very much ❤️.

Please admin put this update in the new so everyone knows about the map changes. Please🙏


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Hello Creator
When Loading Up The World On My 1.19 The Textures Seem To Be Missing And The Npcs Dont Move Can You Fix This Problem?
Hello, how are you, in case you don't know, the shaders don't work in 1.19 because of the dragon render, so I recommend that you don't install the map with the shader, since it wouldn't work.If you want to download this map, it is better to install the one that does not have the shader.
This man deserves better than just iron creator
The map itself is really good but the vehicles that require saddles don't allow me to place saddles in their inventory, so they can;t actually be ridden. Do you know anything about this bug?
to drive a vehicle you need the key item, you no longer use a mount
Oh, ok thanks
Thanks for this map.....
It is best for roleplays.
It's really cool but is it okay that I could build Freddy Fazbear Pizzaria because I'm good at building it?
Hello friends, are we finishing version 10? They will wonder how version 10 so fast if one just came out recently?, Well, the version that came out a few days ago was finished much earlier, we uploaded it until a few days ago for the Christmas holidays, right now we are finishing version 10. That version brings many bug fixes and new places. Att: the builders
This comment has been removed
Please let this be a good map without any unfinished areas.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! I hope these days pass very well
Great I love the snow on the map
Idk, but I couldn't see newest map
hello friends the new update is around the corner in 2 days it will be available!
shadow thewerewolf on yt December 02, 2021 at 9:12 am
any chance i can get the one with out the snow too im planing on mabey doing a yt roleplay one this map
Waw the map is great, one of the best ❤️