Published on February 15, 2021 (Updated on March 09, 2021)

Life in Medieval Times

Welcome to Life in Medieval Times in our map you can find criminals, buy things in the market or extend it by building your own stalls. You could also work for the local lord as a guard! Or even buy an house!

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- Added new hobbit hole 

- Default gamemode is now survival 

- New featured image

Stay tuned for Life in The City and Tales of Parkour!



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The bakery's cookies and pies are in the wrong barrels...
well i hafta change the gamemode to survival and clear inventory to enjoy the map
Hey there, our world has now been updated on Planet Minecraft and you should be on survival at the start if you go and download from there or if you can just wait for MCPEDL to approve our new update!
Eyy anyways i will check it out and good to know that you guys still keep an update and do care for a small thing like this. Great job <3
Thanks Zarfyaa, this change will come in version 1.02. This will release as soon as MCPEDL accepts and verifies it.
Looks nice but can you use named villagers instead?
Thanks DevastatorX5, we will work on that and add that in version 1.1!