Published on September 09, 2021 (Updated on November 17, 2021)


Have you ever wanted (Life Steal) like you have seen on java Minecraft? Well if so here's the pack when you kill a player they lose 1 heart and you gain 1 heart. Once you hit 0 hearts you will become a ghost or get banned. And if you don't like some settings almost all of the pack is customizable with an easy-to-use item to open settings and edit them.

Creator: UnitX


This add-on was published on MCPEDL.COM, it is not allowed to publish this add-on on other websites or applications of Minecraft Addons without the permission of the creator.

If you will review this add-on for youtube or other media platforms leave credits and put the download link from MCPEDL.

List of settings:

  1. Reviving: Used to bring ghost players back to life
  2. Health Amount: The amount of health you lose/gain after a death/kill default( Death -1 )( Kill +1 )
  3. Max Health: The max health a player can get default( 30 hearts )
  4. Environment hearts: If you can lose hearts from anything or just players default( Only Player Kills )
  5. After last life: What happens after you lose your last life default( nothing )
  6. Hearts Withdraw you can now withdraw hearts with the new menu crafted with one piece of dirt


to view more info about the pack look inside of the behavior pack for the file info.txt or check the settings menu (Info) if you have any trouble or problems feel free to join my discord to get help or report any bugs. There are also 2 packs one with craftable hearts and one without so it's up to you which one you want. 

Join my discord if you spot bugs or want the latest version faster or want different craftable hearts recipes.

Discord: or krRXAdddgk



                                              Craftable Hearts Recipe (My Discord has other Varients of the Recipe)


Select version for changelog:


Fixed: a lot of the big bugs like (ghost scrolls, effects, death detection, and more) 
Added: Hearts Withdraw you can now withdraw hearts with the new menu crafted with one piece of dirt
Added: You can now also have up to 50 hearts 


  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Apply the pack in world/realm
  3. Enable Experiments (Holiday Creator Features) and (Experimental Molang Features) in the world settings
  4. Create the world
  5. edit settings in the settings menu optional (click and sneek to open)

Supported Minecraft versions

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4.24 / 5 (21 votes)
There is a bug where when you die to thorns or die to yourself you gain a heart. Can you please fix this? It's kinda hard to own a server when people can just gain free hearts infinitely (Don't worry you are linked)
Hey unban me unitx I’m sorry. I won’t spam ever again
Theres a bug where players that arnt host cant transfer hearts
And when they are ghosts they can still pick up items
works perfectly but not in aternos after i once restart the server.Pls fix it if you can
do you watch life steal smp?
I have watched a few videos of it but I don't watch new videos or anything like that I just made this pack due to someone asking on Reddit
There is a bug where if there is a ghost player the host (and sometimes the players) get constantly spammed with the lifesteal settings.
Hello, there seems to be a bug where if you hit a strong geared player with a strong weapon, it will give you a heart even though they didn't die. I believe this happens because the addon doesn't account for armor, rather it just tests for the weapon's damage and the enemy's health. I say this because no matter what weapon I have or armor the enemy has, if they fall to health where they would be one-tapped with no armor, I gain a heart. This also stays true with the resistance effect, and absorption hearts also don't seem to be accounted to the equation. I use no other addons and have every creator feature thingy enabled, as well as education edition. My results are based off of tests, sorry if I get anything mixed up. Thanks.
I can't open the setting, and I think the command is error
hmm..."dialogue open @s @s settings_home" ?
maybe is "dialogue open @e[type=npc,c=1] @s settings_home" ?
You must be on survival
There is a bug where when a player dies in ghost settings you getting life steal settings again and again and again
This isn’t a bug if the player gets an settings menu that means they are a owner and that’s for owner can still edit settings any player who hasn’t open the menu isn’t considered a owner and won’t get the menu
I mean that the owner get the lifesteal settings again and again and again when a player dies in ghost
How long until next update
Hey, If you do update it can you name the pack v2 because I already have the pack in the world soo if I update it, it doesn’t work because the same pack there and yes I have deleted the pack but it stays on the world and I if you change the name it will probably it’s another pack soo it will be separate and I the update will work.. The name change can be small like update or v something like something that… please do it.. and do u have a date when it will release..
Oh yeah I forget to change the uuid I didn’t do it in this update but in the next pack which will fix text update a settings and fix any bugs I will make sure to update the uuid
Sorry I ain’t the best writer..