Published on June 16, 2020 (Updated on September 12, 2020)

LightSabers Add-on 1.16-1.14.60

Hi there!

I made this add-on inspired in starwars :), the add-on contains 8 very epic lightsabers, if you find any error or bug in the add-on, please comment it and I will gladly look for a solution.

I tried to make the crafting simple and easy to memorize

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I modified the link of download of the addon 

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hey man i have experimental mode on and i cant craft
all swords can be crafted except the fire sword for me
This mod disabled all status effects from things that aren’t the lightsaber.

For example, illagers no longer give bad omen. Shulkers don’t cause levitate. The only status that works is poison. The lightsaber effect works, but no other effect in Thebes entire game. This seems to be an issue with most mods that have a passive status effect item.

Yes, experimental gameplay was on. It was the only mod in the load order.
Hey, I had experimental gamemode activated, both resource and behavior activated. I'm on windows 10 and none of it remotely worked at all. I really enjoy this addon and would really love if it worked. I'm on version 1.16.1
hi, i can craft the gems but not the lightsabers, has there been any updates to the crafting or what happened?
Are you using fir wood planks?
Hello, i downloaded the mod and tried it out, it did not work and its on 1.16 as well. i also tried experimental gameplay, but that did not work. pls fix this
Hello the The Mod wasn’t Downloading it said error please fix this so I can download it
I have added the mod, before creating a world, i have activated both behavior and resource packs. Experimental gameplay.

It doesnt show anything to craft, and it doesnt show the items in creative mode.
Game version?
I cant craft any gems ,Help
Game version?
poop bucket
I couldn't craft it but thanks for the direct download!
Do you have the game in mode experimental?
i cant craft my gem none the less i cant craft my light saber, i have even tried commands FIX THIS!!!!!
Do you have the game in mode experimental?
i do but still no lightsaber , only gems
This is maked addon maker app? and same same resources terraria lightsaber
Yes, in the description it says
Can you rename them kyber crystals? Other than that, good work!
I cant craft any gems on my pc, whats up with that?