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Published on April 01, 2017 (Updated on April 01, 2017)

Lions Add-on

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Original cat is 1st July 31, 2021 at 4:46 am
Bruh your stupid add-on is stupid because why there skin is glitched and I can't tame and your link doesn't work
I can't tame a lion
Why my white lions are glitched?
Never mind, at least my normal lions is not glitched but can you make both lions not glitch. Also can you make an elephant add on replace llamas
Can you please delete this addon please because its trash and rubbish/garbage
Mcpeup not working
The white lions glitch for me
Also it would be better if u could feed the lion milk when it is a cub
And not all lions have manes
Otherwise fine
what do they replace? I can't find where is says it.
i can't tame them pls help
Cool! But there should be hyenas to go with the lions. Replace sheep maybe?
It would be great if u replace the the ocelot with the lion cuz cows is my food source in minecraft and i have a cow farm it messed up my world when i install the mod i didnt read that it would replace cow...its still a great mod and i love all the mods u made i have 6 of ur mods and those are d best...pls replace d ocelot with the lion
do they Attack u first when they arent tamed? pls reply editor
Can you make a black panther addon?
You should add a savana Addon with zebras,lions,tigers,giraffes,hyenas and crocodiles.I'm just saying that would be pretty cool.Make it so hyenas replace wolf and crocodiles replace guardians or something else that actually can walk on land and not just jump up and kill their self from fall damage!!
I agree! I think there should be hyenas! ive always wanted a Hyena Addon and i dont know how to make it! So please! Make this comment come true!
Gona can you make a hippo add ons please