Published on March 02, 2021 (Updated on May 09, 2021)

Lithout's Tweaked Vanilla (WIP) v1.1.1

Hi :)

Today I present a texture pack that changes the aspects of minecraft vanilla giving them a more realistic / simple look

The main objective of this pack is to improve your Survival Experience

This texture pack it's on Work In Progress so expect more updates soon!

Select version for changelog:


1.1.1 Changelog
-  Added Orange colored birch leaves (Might change to pink?)
-  Changed rotation of sun and moon, now they are tilted a bit
-  Changed some code
-  Changed Creeper texture, now it's dead lime green 
-  Changed bow textures, now it's a bit longer
-  Added 4 variations to: blookshelves, all overworld ores (Except copper), mycelium and gilded blackstone. (More variations soon)
-  Changed gold tools textures a bit
-  Added new pack icon
-  Added optional adfly links
-  Removed subpacks

Note: Environment update will be postponed because I was planning on adding varations to flowers but I couldnt.

Future plans:

- Add Variations to more blocks (Non variation pack will be available too)
- Add Variations to mobs (Non variation pack will be available too)
- Retexture all entities possible
- Make a PVP separate pack
- Add more panoramas to Panoramas separate  pack
- Add 1.17 block textures when available (Deepslate, sculk, spyglass, copper, etc)
- Make more random packs just for fun 



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Incrivelmente linda, só esta meio difícil descobrir quais são os mineiros, pois boa parte deles estão em preto. Fico no aguardo da atualização.
Belo trabalho :)
I cant download it because i need premium. I was so excited for this pack too. :(
You don't need premium to download the pack, just open the folder and the download link will be there!
Also, this pack is really outdated so it might be broken
Hello everyone, as you may know, this pack hasn't been updated in a long time, I have not abandoned it, I just lost motivation and ran out of ideas.
In the time I have been gone from the platform, I have been improving my skills and taking a break from everything. I promised a big update, and yes, there will be a big and new update on this pack, just be patient as I recover my motivation! I'd like to thank everyone for the support, I didn't think this little project would come this far with 17k+ shares and downloads, I cannot thank you enough.

See you soon.

Ore blocks are completely black, it will be difficult to know which ore and find ores like that
Edit: This happens in the texture pack variant version
I'm aware of this bug, and It'll be fixed in next update (hopefully)
Just wanted to say this is amazing and one of my default packs, some of the textures seem odd like the enchanted gear and The End related items, but I can easily remove them.
https: //www.

Remove spaces if you can't get through the without ads links btw.
I LOVVVE IT keep up the good work
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it!
Really nice texture pack! But could you please do a seperate pack that just has the music discs changed? Would be very kind of you.
Sure I'll do it, thanks for the idea and the rating!
Thanks! Also, I just had an idea what you could add to your recourse pack. Banner patterns with different sprites depending on their pattern. And if you do that, could you add this to the subpack that I suggested to?
Sure I'll try to do it, thanks a lot for the amazing suggestions!
Hello lithout! Love the pack bit there's a bug when u use it on server like hive etc. When u die on skywars,treasure wars etc the teleporter (the compass) which teleports u to other players the text is invisible its hard to understand which plauer are u going to teleport but other than that the 0ack os great PS can i use ur darkmode?
First of all, I'm working hard in fixing lots of bugs due to 1.17, I've been really busy! And yeah you can, it isnt mine tho, all credit of the darkmode GUI's goes to Bedrock Tweaks!

And thanks for the rating!
Some speling errors sorry!
ItzExtremoOfficial July 30, 2021 at 6:25 am
Heres my rating! Beutifull pack btw
ItzExtremoOfficial July 30, 2021 at 6:24 am
Sheeeesh!! Pretty pog pack!
I like it very much
I can’t wait for 1.17.2 version😄
Hello, I eat cactus :D October 05, 2021 at 1:23 am
It's been two months
Still no respond