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Published on October 31, 2016 (Updated on February 07, 2017)

Llama Add-on

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This is 2017 there are already lamas not saying your stupid! But this mod is bassicaly useless now :p
Unless you want llamas to be more common. But, yeah, pretty useless now.
You are right. This addon is useless right now. Llamas are already added in MCPE 1.1. It's 2019 right now
I pressed the saddle and it didn't work so is it in weapons, building blocks,decorations,seed please help
Why can't u do it for kindle fire?
I clicked the thing to add it on and it keeps taking me on this page called and it keeps giving me questions that I don't wanna answer
There's only one carpet color, the enderman one I think that's what it is, how do you get the blue one like in the picture?
How do you get the blue saddle in the picture
It's not a saddle, it's a carpet. Try a cyan or light blue carpet.
It works a bit all I get is pigs that act like lamas (spit ride etc)
what mob does it replace? or does it add an entirely new one?
It replaces the pig
That's a problem, I have the Raptor Addon on, the Addon replaces pigs too, I want them both on
This add on is really awesome. Thank you!
How do you ride the llama?
Gona I love your addons.Please make more dinosaur addon please.We love that very much!
What happened to Jurassic Craft?
When ever I press download resource or behavior. MCPack it takes me to all these Adds and it doesn't work