Published on March 04, 2018 (Updated on March 04, 2018)

Lockable Chests Addon

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Guest-4721478230 is me im commenting again because it also moves locked
uh you said it would stay and not budge right? because when I touch it IT MOVES ALOT
Dude someone already beated you by command blocks. But both of you 2 have very reliable addons.
5 star ??????
(Also me): p.s the other one was a mistake
"Both of you have really reliable *THINGS*"
Ok now i fixed it
not chest open. not look.
how do tame the chest
1 thing i will use this im my city world but can u make custom keys or not? like custom names for keys
Uhh u can use a anvil to rename the keys
I downloaded this addon (Resourse and Behavior) then I added the pack to my world then, I used key and no button appeared im on iOS... Plz tell me whats wrong
This add on won’t work for me I’m on iOS I tried using a stick to unlock and the key to unlock I long pressed it with both and all sorts of things is it just me?
Ummm... it’s said iron golem spawn egg but there are no golem spawn eggs anyways great addon
Cant you make it replace the normal chest? or the redstonechest?
Plz make it replace another mobs like sheep or pigs cuz i have a village with 3 naturally spawned iron golems,or you change it with endermites that have chance to spawn when enderman teleporting
How are you meant to put stuff in it bc i cant?
make it so it replaces the shulker so it is morerelistic on how you can walk on it an not be able to push it around