Published on July 16, 2020 (Updated on December 04, 2020)

Loot Bags | Compatibility Update

This addon adds 5 tiers of loot bags which can be dropped from mobs and found in structures. These loot bags drop a bunch of useful items for normal survival or skyblock.


  • Common - Leather Gear
  • Uncommon - Gold Gear
  • Rare - Chain Gear
  • Epic - Iron Gear
  • Legendary - Diamond Gear

The loot bags drop swords, armor, bows, fishing rods, ores, mob drops, etc. depending on the tier of loot bag. You can combine 4 of a lower quality loot bag to turn it into a higher tier.

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+ Updated to 1.16.100

+ Made compatible with other addons


Does not use the player.json it is compatible with any other addon.

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4.46 / 5 (13 votes)
umm can someone reply im win 10 what do i do to use them what do i press
I look up the loot tables, could you add more hostile mobs like pillager_illager, Guardians, and nether mobs? Boss mobs not included. A naturally spawn Wither skeleton only drops loot bags, not summoned by Wither.

About the Guardians, you did say normal survival, meaning infinite map.

Could you also add animals for loot bags too? Sometimes they only drop common loot bags.

1 weight for loot bag, 19 weight for nothing (empty).
Reverse bundels
There's a bug happening with me and my friends, when we join the world, a lot of items spawn around us and makes the sound of opening a bag. Could you pls fix this?
Hi the loot bags are amazing But id love to be able to get sand gravel and other blocks with them like more raw materials like ores and other stuff With your permission may I add some drops for personal use? If not thats ok.
Oh yeah there is a bug when someone spawns in they poop out loot from the bags lol.
can i use this addon for my map?
hey can you make it so you can get loot bags in the creative inventory? other then that great addon and I hope people can have fun with it. I gave it 4 stars because i want to get them in creative inventory.
You can get it by the /give command
I don't know why we can't see the crafting recipes nor the item in the inventories.
Works great on a normal world... Added it to a realm and I can get the bags, but not open them (behavior was on top). Am I doing something wrong or does it not work on realms?
it wont let me open them thats why i gave it a three star.
Add microtransactions and you now have EA Minecraft
This addon is really good!!! It's really handy for survival. Can I use it for a modpack please? I won't use it for money and I'll give you credit. If you don't want me to use it, that's ok.
Awesome addon dude, really useful in many situations it is amazing, i just reviewed the addon, good luck on future addons!!! :D
Btw mcpedl again did'nt register my account lol
ine more suggestion can we catch loot bags FISHING
Uhh how do you use loot bags in Minecraft pe?
You press your eating button and the behavior pack must be on top
Is there another way to get the bags? Like creative or commands?