Lord Of The Rings Addon v0.7 The Morgul Update (Hotfix)

Minecraft Bedrock Lord Of The Rings Addon is a massive project that aims to bring the world of Middle Earth directly to your Minecraft world. The mod will consist of updates, each base version containing an individual faction. Each faction will include new mobs, armors, foods, weapons, blocks, and biomes. The first update will be titled 'The Fellowship Update'. It will include brand new biomes to be found, creatures to fight, and quests to fulfill!


OFFICIAL DISCORD: https://discord.gg/5mtkKkBVvX (FIXED)

Submit your Ideas/View Update Progress Reports!


NOTE: The team is always looking for new members! (Modeling, Texturing, Building, Coding) Join the discord for more info

The current version (0.7) adds in a brand new, Massive structure to your minecraft worlds...




In this update, you will now find Minas Morgul, and the Witchking, spawned within your Minecraft World!

In order to fight the Witch King, you first have to find Minas Morgul within a Morgul sub-biome in Mordor...

After locating the biome, you will find the all new Minas Morgul massive-structure...

Within Minas Morgul, you will find a new breed of orc, known as Morgul orcs. These Orcs are smaller than normal Orcs, however carry a nasty morgul blade, that are doused in toxic poison... Dont let them hit you!

After reaching the Main tower, you will climb up multiple layers of the structure. Once you reach a certain point, the tower is damaged over time. You may have to complete a little Parkour to make it to the top... (Dont forget to run around, as Minas Morgul is full of great loot!)

After reaching the top of the tower, you will find the loot room right before the big fight. Make sure to get the rare loot before you fight! It may just tip the balance in your favor...

You will then see the Witchking... The Witchking is a powerful foe, with a heavy attack and a lot of health. Be sure to come prepared for this fight!

After defeating the Witchking, dont forget to collect your reward!



The Witchking will also drop a Morgul War Table, which can be used to craft new Morgul Swords, and Morgul Ingots.


Other Features:

Concentrated Poison - used only for morgul blade (will have more uses in future)

Reworked Mordor Warchief Loot - They will now always drop either a piece of armor or the sword

Ents, Nazgul, and Witchking are now heavily damaged by fire

Overworld spawns should spawn less

Morgul Brick Blocks - Not Craftable yet


Seed With All Content:



If you find other seeds with LOTR content, please share in the official discord so everyone can enjoy!








In this update, you can now find certain creatures from Middle Earth scattered in your Minecraft World! This was a smaller update more focused on fixing some major bugs (like friendly fire turning into a bloodbath)

Ents - Spawn in forests and roofed forests

Ents are a rare occurence usually spawning alone and are very difficult to kill, and will target you or anyone else nearby! They are stronger than a wild olog, but not as strong as an Olog-Hai. Be very cautious when chopping down trees....


Warg Packs - Spawn Everywhere


Warg packs spawn rarely in any biome, and are a great way to tame your first mount! Be careful, as hunting these packs alone is a dangerous quest...

Note : wild wargs still need Warg feed to tame. with this new update, wargs will go into a similar panic mode when their health is low, but will quickly start regenerating health. Once they reach full health, they are no longer able to tame, and will continue attacking you!


Orc Bands - Spawn Everywhere


It seems that the orcs are now starting to expand beyond Mordor into your world! Orc packs now have a chance of spawning around you. Be warned, as they can be very overwhelming in numbers...

Note: the orcs bands also have a low chance of being an orc rider pack... if you see this, good luck;)


Other Features/Fixes:

- mobs of same faction wont fight each other anymore (friendly fire still exists for now)
- added orc spawns to the overworld
- added orc warg pack spawns to overworld
- added wild warg pack spawns to overworld
- altered the spawning of mobs
- after 10 seconds of being tamable, wild wargs will regenerate their health and become untamable again
- large creatures have a farther hit range
- large creatures are immune to knockback
- large creatures can hit multiple opponents at once (area attack)
- better targeting AI
- increased health of ologs, olog-hai, wargs 


- PVP with armies kind of sucks right now but it will be fixed in the future
- Hired entities wont pick up weapons unless they're in follow mode
- Animations for attacking are bugged as of right now
- Riders are dumb when they lose their mount


Previous Update:


In this update, you can now recruit orcs to fight alongside you as you conquer the lands of Middle Earth. You can also rescue Gondorian soldiers from within the depths of a Mordor fortress, and recruit them to your cause as well. Be warned, a fortress is very difficult to conquer, with a Orc Warchief boss and an orc executioner mini-boss. Killing these powerful orcs grants you a chance at finding some awesome loot! 

(NOTE: Fortress may be laggy on older devices, as there are many orcs spawned at one time!)



To start your journey, you must find an Orc Fortress within Mordor. They are pretty rare to find, but their should be at least one within every Mordor biome...



First , you have to conquer the fortress, however be warned; without the proper protection, you will not stand a chance! There are several soldiers, rabble, and even a couple of Olog Hai all waiting for you. There are also two bosses within the fortress that you will have to defeat before you can truly claim the fortress as yours...

Mordor Orc Warchief

Within the fortress main structure, you will find the Mordor Orc Warchief. This Orc is far larger than others, and wields a powerful Greatsword and extremely strong armor. He is a very dangerous opponent, who will definitely give even the strongest of enemies a legendary fight. Kill him for a chance to get any piece of the warchiefs armor, or a chance to get the Warchiefs Greatsword!


Mordor Orc Executioner

The lower depth have a mini-boss of the executioner. This orc is very strong, and wields a powerful axe. Kill him for a chance to get the rare Executioners Hood.


Once you have conquered and looted the fortress, there are also several Gondorian prisoners held within the depths of the executioners dungeon. These prisoners can be freed and "recruited" by using a number of gold ingots. They will then tame into either a recruited Gondorian Levy, or a recruited Gondorian Soldier.




Soldier (Left) -- Levy (Right)

These soldiers are more powerful than orcs, and are equipped with much stronger armor. Currently, the armor is not craftable within the main game, but will be with the next update. Hint Hint;)

For weapons, they can be given a bow, iron sword, gondorian steel sword, and gondorian steel spear. For now, the only way to get gondorian steel/leather armor, weapons, or ingots is to find them in fortresses with prisoners. More Gondorian content will be added in the future...



For recruiting Orcs, you will need to locate the Mordor War Table. These can be found within the main structure of a Mordor fortress to the left:


A war table is essential for crafting Mordor weapons, armor, and recruiting Orcs. (NOTE: many weapon recipes have been moved to the War Table rather than a normal crafting table).

A war table is not craftable, and is the only way to recruit Orcs! Recruited Orcs spawn with armor, however you will need to equip them with a weapon. Recruited orcs only have the strength to hold weapons of their size. They can be set to guard a position by right licking them, or set to follow you. (similar to a tamed dog) 

Ex: orc snaga cant hold regular orc weapons, but orc rabble and orc soldiers can.


Recruitable Orcs include:

SNAGA - can take snaga weapons, or orc spears to make them snaga spear throwers.




ORC RABBLE- can take light orc weapons (scimitar, dagger, spear), or a bow to make them an archer


ORC WARRIOR - can take all orc weapons, or a bow to make them an archer


Recruitable Gondorians include:

GONDORIAN LEVY - can take iron sword, or a bow to make them an archer



GONDORIAN SOLDIER - can take iron sword, gondorian steel weapons, or a bow to make them an archer





In order to recruit Orcs, they must be crafted at the wartable. They require 3 gold nuggets, and 1 emerald, and their corresponding armor set:

EX: hired orc soldier recipe:



Armor sets are crafted by getting all 4 pieces of armor and placing them in the correct recipe shape:

Ex: Orc plate armor set:


To hire an orc savage, you must first obtain the rare Orc Savage Axe by killing savages. Then, replace the armor set in the recipe with the axe:




With this new update, you can now create epic battles within your very own Minecraft world!



Other additions:

Gondorian steel armor

Gondorian leather armor

Orcs are now Orc Warriors or Orc Rabble

AI Improvements

Reduced spawn rates in Mordor (again)

Removed the war camp biome (will revisit later)

Completely revised loot tables









The Misty Mountains Biome:


The Misty Mountains are a harsh biome, with no trees, and no sources of food. You may take refuge in its vast cave systems, but be warned, something is lurking within the shadows...


The Misty Mountains are full of massive caves waiting to be explored.

Characters added:

Gollum - Found in Misty Mountains Caves

Gollum is the first boss fight fully implemented, with a high damage attack, and 250 health, he will for sure give you trouble.



The Nazgul are currently creative only. Can be spawned riding horses, or fellbeasts.


The Witch King

The Witch King is currently creative only. Can be spawned riding a fellbeast.


Fellbeasts - BETA

Fellbeasts are not 100% functioning yet, however they can be spawned, ridden and move/attack on the ground.


More Deadwood Functionality

Deadwood now can be used in most recipes, and can also be used to create fences, stairs, slabs, fence gates, doors, trap doors, sideways wood, etc.


Spawned structures now spawn with custom loot, and individual mobs, rather than mob spawners! (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF WAR CAMP BIOMES)



OLOGS: Now Tamable! (Note: Only wild Ologs can be tamed. If they have armor, they can not be tamed) You find them in Ologpits, scattered rarely throughout Mordor:

Once you have cleared the pit of hostile mobs, you can find a chest containing an egg along with some other loot scattered throughout the structure: You will find the wild mob within the structure


On Using this egg, a wild Olog will spawn. These wild Ologs are hostile to everything they see (Including Orcs!). Be careful where you spawn it! (Safest place in mordor would be the cage you cleared out)

To tame an Olog, you first must break its will by defeating it in battle. You know it is down when it goes into a kneeling position:

Be careful, if the Olog is hit again while kneeling, it will die! While kneeling, quickly go up to the Olog with Olog Bindings and interact with the troll. You only have 5 seconds before it gets back up with full health! (NOTE: interact by right clicking):

It may take several tries to bind the Olog. If it fails, it will get back up with full health. Your Olog Bindings will also break after this process. If it is a success, you will still get broken bindings, but your Olog will now be binded:

At this point, the Olog is vulnerable to attack, so it is best to keep it safe. It will continue to follow you wherever you go when binded. After about 5 minutes, red particles will appear on the Olog. This means that it is ready to tame. Ologs can be tamed with any raw/cooked meat/fish or rotten flesh. Just be warned, it may take a lot:

Once you have tamed the Olog, it can follow you, sit (Shift + Right Click), or, you can ride your Olog into battle:

You can also equip your Olog with armor and store items within its inventory:


While riding an Olog, you can "punch" your mount to make it attack manually. (This will not hurt your mount) This means you can really charge into battle on your Olog!


Other Additions:

Deadwood can craft sticks and crafting tables

Mithril + Orc tools work correctly now!

Reduced the amount of Orcs in Mordor

Orcs + Snaga see farther

Certain structures now generate with loot tables!



Previous Updates:


WARGS: Now Tamable! You find them in Wargpits, scattered semi-rarely throughout Mordor:

To Tame a Warg, You first have to craft some warg feed(NOTE: May take more than one!):

Once you get a wild warg alone, Fight it until you start to see particles appear:

After they appear, be sure not to hurt the warg, or it will die. Now feed it some warg feed to tame (Crouch and tap to Sit/Stand):

Tamed Wargs are very strong and very fast! They will follow you wherever you go, unless you tell them to sit. 

They can be equipped with armor, and hold up to 6 Items in their inventory for your travels!

Craft your own Warg armor:

Be careful, the Orcs seem to have learned to tame them too... (A tamed warg can not be tamed again)


ARMORS: This update re-defines fur armor with 5 brand new armor sets, crafted from their colored fur:











Previous Updates:

Armors: this update adds 5 new/tlc armors to the mod. Gray warg fur(Not Craftable yet), Brown warg fur(Not Craftable yet), Snaga Bone Armor, Orc Plate Armor, Mordor Leather Armor (LEFT->RIGHT)







This update introduces several different types of orcs:

SNAGA + SNAGA SPEAR THROWERS - found all across Mordor  WEAK



ORC LUMBERJACK - found in all new Orc Lumbermills STRONG










ORC SAVAGES- found rarely, all over Mordor. Be on the watch for the rare Orc Savage Axe drop! STRONG





The new watchtower TLC includes three different towers:


Orc Lumbermill - Spawns rarely in Mordor woods

Orc Camp - Spawns frequently in Mordor






Mordor Biome: 


A rare biome that spawns in warmer climates. The ground is made up of basalt, dark stone, and charred dirt.

Deadwood Sub-Biome:


The deadwood forests are the orcs only source of wood. 

Mordor War Camps:




Grog- gives nausea and strength

Moldy bread- may poison you


Black Uruk weapons, Orc Weapons, Mithril Weapons


Black Uruk, Fur, Mithril, Orc


Mithril, Dark Steel, Dark Iron


Dark Iron Only spawns in Mordor.

Mithril is a rare ore that spawns only in Mordor and extreme hills biomes.


Black Uruks

Cave Trolls


Olog Hai

Orcs (Naturally Spawn)



Mithril Shards drop from Mithril Ore

Dark Iron Shards drop from Dark Iron Ore

Select version for changelog:


-updated the download page with showcase information for youtubers or streamers


-Make sure to delete the old version of the mod!

Supported Minecraft versions

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Hello i have a problem, the bioms are still vanilla and not the ones showed in the addon(all the items and mobs are working tho)
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make sure caves and cliffs are off. The biomes are pretty rare
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Hey uh I had a idea bc of this addon even thou it world be a challenge to make a addon of it but uh what if someone would try to make a Shadow of war Addon or a Shadow of Mordor addon I like shadow of war and yes ik shadow of war is in the same area lord of the rings in made in just I like talons abilities and powers to control uruks and ologs easier and tbh in shadow of war ologs and uruks are fighting together and at points at each other so but I love ghuls and ghuls matron in shadow of war I like using them lol 🤣 But I hope someone making a addon based on like shadow of war bc I would love to try the abilities lol 🤣
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Can you pls make fellbeast tameable?
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Please add the nazgul, witcher king, sauron and more biomes

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Will there be a way to make the monsters breed to gather an army of them to fight?
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Sort of.. you will be able to have an army in the future, although mixing orcs with humans in the same army... wont be a good idea.
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Yes, it wouldn't be a good idea but if there was a way just so we could choose the team we want like orcs or humans or any of the other peoples that would be very cool I could play with my friends and everyone has their own division, it would be a little difficult but I think you can Moreover, if you add other types of each people, such as blacksmiths, farms, and villages to each people, it will be a wonderful thing and will be one of the greatest additions to mobile Minecraft ، This will help make the world of Middle-earth more realistic
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your add-on is pretty cool to me, but how to find the biome? I've been looking for it for a long time, can't find it
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Please add bilbo and the rest of the crew... also gollum and the ring would be amazing!
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Vou esperar bem calmo pelo Smaug.

Obs: Addon incrível!
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Smaug wont be for a while, but I have something just as good planned very soon...
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Man ,your mod/addon is rad, but you'r latest version doesnt really work...the link towards Linkvertise doesnt work...or maybe the site itself doesnt work...could you please add an other download options please ? Well i'm shure all of this is complacated and your work is great, have a nice day.

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The new Discord link should be up soon. This one shouldn't expire:)
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i am not able to install , the linkverse does not load
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Hello, congratulations on your work, it looks very good, but unfortunately I have not been able to download it. First, the download link only takes me to the linkvertise home page. For this reason, I looked for this addon on Linkvertise directly, I found it under the creator "Nick ...", Is it you. But the resource file and behaviors are the same, I mean, although they have different titles and download links, there is an error, because the same resource file has been uploaded in both behaviors and resources. I hope you can check it out. Thanks
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Join the discord and look in the help section for how to download.
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Also, that was an error on my part, the behavior link should be fixed now. The resources you already got should be good to use.
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Thank you so much. Your addon is amazing.
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