Lost In the Sea (CTM)

Lost in the Sea is a map of the CTM type that places you on an island full of dangers and to win you must get and place the wool on the monument.

  • Do not leave the limits of the map
  • If you die, uninstall the map and start over (Hardmode)
  • Do not use tricks
  • Survive the way you think


  • The Withers do not give effect
  • You will suffer from dehydration, you should drink water

ZhackerHero (Twitter)

Team Infinite Minds (Twitter)


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  • Bug fixes
  • Translation to English
  • Some minor attachments were added

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2.5 / 5 (2 votes)
Cuando coges todos los item del cofre inicial, las botellas no dejan cogerlas, aparte de eso no he encontrado ningun bug
yeah, well, i was going to try this out but when i started, everything was in spanish. (or so, i believe its spanish.) couldn't understand a thing.
yeet yes is spanish