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Published on June 16, 2019 (Updated on June 16, 2019)

Taiga Village, Outpost, Jungle, Swamp, Witch Hut and 3 Ravines Seed

This seed will start you out with a taiga village, outpost, jungle, swamp with a witch hut and 3 ravines, one beside the river, one near the outpost and one beside the village. The ravines have a bunch of ores. The outpost is not very close to the village, but it's good for start the adventure!


Taiga Village (267, 64, 131)

Ravine (Beside the village)

Jungle (Right side from spawn point)

Ravine (-29, 67, 245)

Swamp (-237 66, 224)

Outpost (286, 67, 536)

Ravine (Beside the outpost)


From spawn point

From village

Seed ID


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can someone tel me the ocean coodinate?
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Very good Seed!
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Anyone found an endcity with a ship/elythra got pretty much everything except for that.
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Yes tell us the shader
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Has anyone came across a Mesa biome? I need terra-cotta for my build )))
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i also found another village not far from the one in the picture. not sure of the direction tho...
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Yes if you head a long way from spawn south you will hit a ocean eventually
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Is there an ocean nearby? need it for kelp
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Thanks there :D I am using UltraMax Shader!
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Nice seed! Also, what shader were you using for the pictures? It looks really good
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