Lots More Food Bedrock Add-on

Ever thought that Minecraft needed more food? Then this is your pack! This pack adds more than 50+ Foods. use to replenish those health and hunger points. This pack also includes MorePlants to get the food. There is also a Java Edition Version.

In the “How To Play” section it will show item effects, links, and other info. Plants to generate but it is experimental (turn on pack testing, look below) The items do not show up in the creative inventory upvote this bug! I will update this pack with more info when the pack is in a stable (no bugs) form 

Other Links

+ Bug Report

+ More Food Recipes

Want the Java Edition of this mod? Download [​Here] 

All Food & items for recipes:

bacon recipe:

Review Videos:



Built on 1.14.1 windows 10

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Changelog View more

Ever thought that Minecraft needed more food? Then this is your pack! This pack adds more than 50+ Foods. use to replenish those health and hunger points. This pack also includes MorePlants to get the food.

fixed link. now using linkvertise since mcpedl no longer likes if you want an ad-free download to consider donating through my Patreon (min of $15 for 100% ad-free downloads)

V0.1.2 Changelog

+ v0.1.2 will only work in 1.16+

+ Blocks now should work for 1.16 (yes, their is a Minecraft bug that custom blocks do not show up in inventory)

+ Plants will now generate when you place their item varient.

+ Trees and Bushes will now have their custom block that has custom drops (and yes, those blocks are'nt transparent)

+ Coconut tree (item that spawns the tree) is now called Coconut Sapling and has new Sapling texture.

+ Removed exotic trader (until bugs have been fixed)

+ Cleaned up some textures

MCPEDL ad download now use, direct link is still advisable. want to never see ad links again or want to help a Minecraft developer? Consider donating!

V0.1.1 Changelog

+ Changed up texture locations (hopefully will fix for some platforms)

+ Added cakes (not placeable) replenishes 7 hearts when eaten

+ New Items: Rotten Porkchop, nether cookie, netherwart chicken soup, netherwart mushroom soup

+ Rotten porkchops drop from hoglin and zombified piglin (not tested, but should work??)

+ added banner logo art on MCPEDL

V 0.1.0 Changelog

+ Added Ketchup & to recipe doc

+ added give ingredient function '/function give/ingredients'

+ Removed recipe book item (useless)

+ Alcohol will give you their cup after drinking.

+ Fixed flour recipe

V 0.0.9 Changelog

+ Fixed - MF#005B - Dough recipe not working

+ Fixed - MF#006B - 自动生成的树木会损坏建筑物 Auto-generated trees can damage buildings

+ Fixed - MF#004B - Wrong Recipe Output Item

+ Fixed - MF#003B  - Broken Recipes

+ Added new compressed blocks!

+ Added tags to blocks (#morefood) easier to search.

+ New Plantable plants! use the new item (in creative inv) to place plants

+ Added 'How To Play' More Food Section

+ Updated Description

Fixed Mcpedl import error, same version as before. App download should now work.


+New Tree/Bush textures.

+Leaves/bushes are in creative inv

+New foods Onigiri and Sashimi: Raihan-Art27

+New Ramen: Raihan-Art27

+Plants will now take longer to break.

+added netherite knife for 1.16!


+ Added tools

+ Fixed text issues

+ Added English (UK) translation

+ Removed plant leaves/blocks from testing.

+ Plants will auto-generate (testing feature)

+ Foods will have different nutrition


+ New "Test Features" button (BP & RP settings)

+ Morefood villager moved to testing

+ Plant-able Crops!!! turn on pack test features

+ Added the rest of the recipes

+ Added title logo "Minecraft Lots More Food"

+ Added .zip and .mcaddon links/mirrors

+ Added turn on test play to how to install.


+ Added more recipes

+ New loading messages

+ New splashes

+ Added credit UI

+ Fixed some textures

+ Cleaned up textures

+ Wandering trader is More Food Trader

v0.0.4 Changelog

+ fixed - Some food item textures don't show up.

+ added cooked_bat_meat

+ added some recipes (Check recipes doc)







+ squid and bats drop their meat counter part.

+ bacon recipe will now give 4 bacon.

+ Added bug report link to description. (via


1. Click one of the links to download

2. Once you have downloaded click the .addon file.

3. It should automatically open Minecraft and install

4. Make sure to have an experimental game on.

Turn on pack testing for auto-generating plants & more!

1. Go to behavior packs

2. Select pack and click the gear/settings

3. Slide the slider to the left until it says "testing - ON"

4. Do the same for the resource pack.


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

330 Responses

4.12 / 5 (129 votes)
  1. null_eqn says:

    Hi, sir, I’m sorry, your Chinese version of the recipe is broken, can you repair it?

  2. Zealord says:

    Is this addon working in multiplayer?

  3. Zealord says:

    Can you make it placeable?

  4. Hi Legopitstop!
    I am working on a minecraft bedrock edition modpack and were wondering if I could use this amazing addon for it. I would NOT Profit off the pack and would give Full Permission in a custom UI Menu
    Thanks! Hatchibombotar

  5. Bjakkzzz says:

    Oki i stick with egg sandwish but one problem, Ive made bread but cant cut this into slices, what have i done wrong or this addon doesnt work, the egg works to make but the bread i cant slice why?

    Plz help.

  6. Bjakkzzz says:

    Thanks for this addon, just its A LOT to put into CRAFTING thats unnecessary no needs.
    I can only recommend this Addon for those who want to change put the game more focusing for food craftings.

  7. Rafdioactivo says:

    What am I supposed to do with the recipe link?

  8. Enderscript studios says:

    Can I use this for my modpack?

  9. Guest-2486162591 says:

    Add 1.16 version please this add on is nice

  10. Guest-6464691525 says:

    Why does it add an outline to every block i dont have any other mods on

  11. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Thanks for the update😃
    I like this best addon with food❤🍔

  12. Guest-9134623482 says:

    You should really team up with Conan raigan and make place me support this, and btw does this work with realms?

  13. Guest-6919624520 says:

    There are a couple of stuff that are still uncraftable even tho u provided the recipe like the wine, plz fix it and any thanks

  14. Guest-8319874494 says:

    update pls =)
    Thank you!

  15. Guest-4791928746 says:

    why no blocks in 1.16

  16. Guest-1497820348 says:

    The resource pack isn’t working, nothing from the add on has a texture, everything is there and you can hold it and everything but you just can’t see it

  17. Guest-8345312833 says:

    any way you could make this compatible with the place me add on?

  18. Guest-7282832514 says:

    Love this add on. So many choices. Would love a 1.16 update. since the nether update I get all kinds of error.

  19. Guest-3413569135 says:

    The três dont give fruits

  20. rubendiegoeluri says:

    Hello, I want to notify you that in version 1.16 the blocks do not work, it is the same problem that the Chisel Bedrock addon had. You can ask its creator to tell you how to solve it. I think it is easy to fix since the creator of the addon fix it in a day

  21. Guest-2189561416 says:

    There was a exotic trader item if you do /give. Now you can access it in the spawn eggs. They do trade but have no trades

  22. Anyone also sees the lines in beetween the blocks? its pretty anoying

  23. Guest-6729388938 says:

    Does this work for xbox one also?

  24. Guest-9779192306 says:

    The error at bushes, but are no working.
    I saw that bushes are missing and we are not coming.
    We ask for understanding for Legopitshop, we have to correct bugs.

    Greetings Pascallok

  25. Guest-1423461392 says:

    it does not work, sad. I was really looking fordward to this too 🙁

  26. Guest-2519778071 says:

    i love this mod

  27. Guest-4035215775 says:

    I turned the gear setting up, but there is nothing new generating, and also, is it safe with other addons?

  28. Guest-9570523066 says:

    you can put a link of the recipes but with images of how to do it

    puedes poner un link de las recetas pero con imagenes de como hacerlo

  29. Guest-6669605161 says:

    The plants now give fruits?

  30. Guest-7073136973 says:

    I Luv The Food I Always Use It But…. Is There Any Recipes To Make The Food?

  31. FrostyLegend1029 says:

    probably the best food addon in mcpedl, but can you make all custom items show up in the crafting table as a recipe or just the creative inventory? it is annoying having to type in /give to get it with the “morefood:” thing at front and yeah. its annoying. and crafting it starting from vanilla minecraft materials will take even longer. custom crafting recipes are actually possible, so tell me if you dont know how to do it, but put it in the creative inventory. please.

  32. Guest-9899859005 says:

    I love this mod I’d score you ∞/5 stars
    Plus there is a glitch that if you are in a flat world eating the food will not slow you down.
    Perfect for parkour

  33. Man, I mean first. I can’t find the recipes. I also looked at YouTube, but I can’t find the recipes. second, are you just making food add-ons?

    content creator; By Lake Resulylmz

  34. XYZGAMING123 says:

    Hey can I use your addon for a addon pack that I am going to use in my survival. I am going to combine the codes of Vanilla Tweaks, Vanilla Traps, Fast-o Miner, Realight, MoSwords Craft, and your Lots More Food addon.

  35. Guest-6679699109 says:

    I love this add-on. No problem at all!

  36. Guest-5438987083 says:

    You can make a receipe area on the menu like the menu button in your word with the | | button theirs a mod with potion recipes it has custom images and writings u can put the recepie on there

    • Planning on doing something the same, Rn in the ‘How To Play’ there is a section that some info of the addon and items that have effects. Will maybe add a separate section just for recipes or even add a button similar to the potion except it will not replace the ‘?’ icon and will not affect the ‘How To Play’

  37. Guest-6823092966 says:

    Where’s the download button

  38. Guest-7544729257 says:

    Um I’m not sure if you would like but I had a idea for how to make a multi-block structure maybe it could be used as a oven. Just comment below if I would like me to share it but warning it is long and complicated but it should work.

  39. Guest-1936946168 says:

    idk why but it just won’t work for me, the command /give won’t work :<

  40. Guest-7142861080 says:

    Bad textures

  41. Guest-4297366620 says:

    How do access the how to play section for more food i cant find it. 🙁

  42. FireCats ROCK says:

    It don’t work, I get it first it’s blocks then it’s nothing at all!!!

    • Guest-3056457836 says:

      I got it to work using Win 10 Edition v1.14. It works locally in my World. You have to have Experimental on in the settings. The food isn’t in the Inventory. You have to craft the food (e.g. Spawn a Squid -> Kill the Squid to get Raw Squid -> then add Raw Squid & Coal to the Furnace). I downloaded the Recipe Doc. My problem is that when I try to add the World to the Realm, or add the Resource Packs directly to my Realm, I get an error. I am thinking that you can’t have Experimental in the Realm…

  43. Guest-5602551311 says:

    New to Minecraft. She says I am a Noob. I play with my daughter on a Creative Mode World on a Realm. I get an error when I try to upload the pack. And when I applied the pack locally – it works. If I try to upload the local copy – it hangs. This hasn’t happened with other packs. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be great. I made her a McDonalds and Grocery Store – and the food items would be perfect.

  44. Guest-3788726722 says:

    Got a few questions
    1. Are fruit trees supposed to spawn naturally?
    2. Should Barley after being harvested drop something? They only drop more seeds for me
    Thx in advance

    -a person that loves this addon

  45. Guest-7316997679 says:

    i love it but it would be alot more helpful to have recipe books ingame like one for drinks one for meat one for containers etc.

  46. Guest-2246750676 says:

    The popcorn is invisible can you fix it?

  47. Guest-1996480546 says:

    Can’t open recipe

  48. Guest-3428385783 says:

    There isn’t any recipie for ketchup but there are other recipes that include ketchup. So if you could add that it’d be great

  49. Guest-5043880374 says:

    I removed all the resource packs and the white, red and yellow edges are still there.

  50. Guest-9345205502 says:

    Why it only show the recipe for the bacon and not all else. (is it too much, I think yes)

  51. Guest-2194680852 says:

    I like this addon but the fact that this addon has bat meat makes it disturbing due to the crisis we are facing today

  52. Guest-4732340573 says:

    El mod no me sirve me aparecen las semillas pero no las comidas

  53. Guest-9396675668 says:

    Help i wanted to know the recipes so i watched the video but then when i click it my minecraft crashes im on windows 10 and im using mcpe

  54. Guest-2555037578 says:

    When i put the seeds grow some leaves but the dont drop anyting

  55. Guest-2097445754 says:

    This add on is really good. I was wondering if you could fix some things tho. First the popcorn and popcorn bucket are invisible. It says it’s in my inventory but I can’t see it. And I can’t make the spaghetti or the pizza slices.

  56. Guest-3201842659 says:

    This mod is very good and useful. Even thoe im in beta, and even theres no extra food im inventory i could get on the chat like /give @s morefood:whichever you want to command and i can get the recipe like hotdog bun, muffin bun and i found out it because i have Es file explorer. But my problem is the saplings and seed are not plantable

  57. Guest-4498265248 says:

    it does not work for me I have no idea how to fix it I cant see any foods I tried all the settings and all the things you said please help.

  58. Guest-2480901660 says:

    It doesnt work, it just said there was a problem with the pack, please fix this sooner.

  59. Guest-9073098297 says:

    All I can make is bacon, this isn’t working for me I spent hours trying to fix it 🙁

  60. Guest-3858369152 says:

    I tried everything i possibly can. It simply does not work for me. None of the items show up annnyywheeere. Help

  61. Guest-3869450061 says:

    Everything is invisible how do I fix it

    • Guest-4098974046 says:

      I really love this add on. But I have a question I hope someone can answer. So u put flour and salt and dough and everything in the add on. I could be dumb but is there any way the dough and salt and any others can be used. If u can reply it would be greatly appreciated thank u.

  62. Guest-6149338109 says:

    Change the flour recipe, it’s the same recipe as bread.

    • Guest-8586226542 says:

      Hey when I make anything that uses a bucket with something the yeast/salt/cups/milk cartoon you know! All of them just disappear what should I do?

  63. Guest-8317213940 says:

    Does every type of food fill you up different amounts of hunger?

  64. Guest-9464394677 says:

    The alcoholic beverages aren’t working

  65. Guest-5313938446 says:

    How do I get onions and hops and all those items?

  66. Guest-4154162504 says:

    Good module, but I don’t know how to synthesize these foods. It’s not in my synthetic table

  67. Guest-1427875738 says:

    I’m playing on iOS phone, is there any way u can fix this

  68. Guest-9381497558 says:

    It won’t import the addon correctly. It says something about “not a valid zip archive”. Plz fix this, I really like the amount of food

  69. Guest-9469531623 says:

    Pizza slice and other items like popcorn are invisible

  70. Guest-5099920928 says:

    Really great addon except none of the seeds/fruit trees plant :/

  71. Guest-9316054952 says:


  72. Guest-7696743889 says:

    I have a question about the mod. How do you reverse the shrinking effects of the alcohol beverages? Thanks!

  73. Guest-4122372971 says:

    I have an issue with the seeds. Tomato seeds and such. They don’t plant? Not even the plum tree. I love the mod. I’m sure this is a glitch or something

  74. Guest-2336724816 says:

    For the creator:

    The mod works for me but I’ve look further because it’s make all my world texture render glitchy. I mean it’s pretty weird when I active the mod my world cubes look like having double grey moving texture like old TVs and it’s really disturbing, so your mod looks very amazing and I wish I could play with it, but I can’t because of this.

    That’s come from your side right?

  75. Guest-4632593909 says:

    Hello.I can’ t write English very well, so I’m sorry if I make mistakes.
    ・I can’t make some of foods and items like round cheese,mixed fruit juice,apple icecrush,raspberry icecrush,smoothie,sparkling water bucket,icecream bowl,dough,muffin bun,waffle,jelly,chiken select,fries,taco,sushi,sub wrapping.
    ・I crafted apple juice,but I got melon juice.
    ・Please tell me how to craft toffee, ketchup and empty wedges pot.

    It’s great addon.I enjoyed it.Thank you.

  76. Guest-4088192567 says:

    I can’t see it either but I might of done something wrong

  77. Guest-6228754139 says:

    I like it, but it is nowhere to be seen in the creative inventory?

  78. Guest-5724092888 says:

    Help! I cant make flour!

  79. Guest-6511860157 says:

    Im on Windows 10 Bedrock, and when I try to make something in the crafting table nothing will happen?

  80. Anonymous says:

    i cant get it on minecraft it downloads the file but when i click on it it doesnt og on minecraft and adds it

  81. JaneQ says:

    I cant make flour or cornflour 🙁

  82. Guest-5336895682 says:

    Hey, i can’t make flour, I checked the google doc and the italics next to the flour recipe and it says 0.0.4+ and the current version of the addon is 0.0.7 so i’m confused on why i can’t make flour :/ (Still a great addon tho I love it)

  83. Guest-8951369598 says:

    I can’t grow any thing pls fix

  84. User-9239094807 says:

    Legopitstop, same guy who asked about the recipe book, i had everything, experimental gameplay, cheats, resource and texture pack, and i even searched up functions, but there weren’t any. So is there any way that the recipe book might just be broken?

  85. User-7368604039 says:

    Hey how to function in on Android in cellphone plss im in mobile plssss

  86. User-8470171917 says:

    how do you use the recipe book on bedrock edition? I tried pressing down on the screen with the book or tapping the screen with the book, but it had no effect. Do you how to use it on bedrock edition?

  87. someguy says:

    really want to use this but it won’t work. yes i activated the pack and turned on pack testing from the gears icon and have experimental gameplay enabled. tried so many times with different settings but no luck… the random fences and leaves spawn though 0_o

  88. Destruidor says:

    Can you plz correct the textures of all concret blocks they have white lines on the endges

  89. CannedBeans says:

    Bro, I just make a new texture for your ramen_noodles

    • User-7799360164 says:

      It’s a useless mod because u can’t see the crafting recipes and no one can remember 50 recipes off the top there head about food not to mention u forgot to add the recipes for containers like cups and mugs on your google docs. Besides that the most works fine.

  90. 中国用户 says:


  91. FroZiinMonsta says:

    The berries and bushes wont stop spawning around me is that going and I dont want to play the world cause I’m afraid it will interfere with my house that I was going to build

  92. FroZiinMonsta says:

    Yes you can u just click on the pack in game and click the gear next to deactivate

  93. Mixy says:

    Hello i was just wondering how to craft i have experimental gameplay on but i cannot turn on pack testing (im on xbox) do you know how to fix that?

  94. Jonny says:

    Would love to download this addon when everything is fixed 😀

  95. Anthony Paz says:

    I can help you with the spanish translations.

    I like your work 😉

  96. Anonymous says:

    What do we do with the tools on bedrock?

  97. null_eqn says:

    Hi man, how should I plant
    I have turned on the experimental switch

  98. linbing says:

    Why there isn’t crafting table

  99. User5436 says:

    I can’t find the cog for the pack testing plz help

  100. PLS help says:

    how do you plant strawberry seeds? also other food saplings? I must just be missing something.

  101. Anonymous says:

    turn on experimental game

  102. xxMCSCREExx says:

    Can someone please tell me how to turn on pack testing I can’t figure out how

  103. Kiera says:

    why cant i craft any of the items? please reply, because i really love this add on

  104. MarinGC says:

    Excelente addon, funciona pero no me sé las recetas, solo hice la receta de tocino por eso sé que funciona, pero no me aparecen las recetas, como lo hago?

  105. nrpizza says:

    Hola oye estoy jugandolo en android y no se salen las recetas active el juego en modo experimental y no salen los crafteos tienes las imágenes de las recetas

  106. moni says:

    this isnt good i dont know how to get the food crafting table

  107. Jason says:

    I can’t download this addon on iOS, how do I download the addon on iOS?

    • Anonymous says:

      download one of the .mcaddon links (the second one is adfly) then you should get a ‘open in..’ click that then copy to Minecraft, it should then open and import into Minecraft.

  108. nrpizza says:

    el mejor addon de comida para bedrock
    una pregunta cuando lo actualizaran faltan algunas recetas?

  109. Cucumber Suprise says:

    The receipe book doesn’t work can you make it that there is crafting recipes showed in the ui if u can’t please make it that the receipe book has the crafting recipes in it

  110. Kiera says:

    I downloaded it, i did all the steps, but i can’t find it please help

  111. Rrrr says:

    Cool addon thank you for it

  112. Lookinformods says:

    Sorry, but I am on an Xbox and I don’t have plants. At All. Like none. Why is that? Is the More plants mod you created required? I am just confused. But please, reply, maybe I am doing something wrong? Everything else would work if I had the vegetables and fruits. It ruins the mod. Thank you for making this mod though. It is quite good and has very high quality items.

  113. HaxFF says:

    I have a idea , why you do not add new fruits and meats

  114. Hacktop1gg says:

    Hello, the recipe book does not work in the recipes on the site there is a sliced ​​loaf and in the game there is no correction

  115. Maestro says:

    The addon is 10/5 stars but just a suggestion; all foods only fill two hunger bars and should have vary. For example, donuts should fill 2 hunger bars, cupcakes 1 bar. Hamburgers and vegan burgers should fill 7-8 hunger bars. Tacos should fill 1 1/2 hunger bars. Burrito should fill 5 bars. Pizza should fill 8 to all hunger bars. All drinks should fill 1 to 2 hunger bars. Sandwiches and egg muffin should fill 5 hunger bars. There should be a variety on how much hunger bars should be filled depending on the food. But overall, it works. Another note, the hamburger recipe doesn’t work , so some recipes dont work. But still the best food addon.

  116. deadliestrex4 says:

    hey, so i can’t plant anything, i can’t plant trees, or seeds, i’m on xbox and downloaded everything right

    am i missing anything on how to plant them?

  117. Chipa says:

    I can’t make flour 🙁 in bedrock is not implemented yet??

  118. Gus says:

    It doesn’t work:(

  119. Destruidor says:

    Can you make the recipe book work plz

  120. cuboplays says:

    The behaviour pack doesn’t load when entering world. I’ve tried everything, but it still doesn’t work.

  121. Sai says:

    Sorry, I can’t understand how to do many things, could you do them with images?

  122. Toledc says:

    Hi, I just want to say that it is a good complement, but something is wrong. I can’t plant the trees and seeds.

  123. Burgermanbruh says:

    I’m in survival but when I try to craft something I’m not able to. I have the behavior and resource packs on

  124. Miku says:

    So i just got this addon its great! But i cant find strawberries or the more plants so is it being worked on or did i miss it? Im on mpe

  125. ZenxBaru says:

    Is this for Behavior Or Resource Pack?
    I’m guessing it’s good but I don’t know?

  126. caleb daggett says:

    can some one tell me what the recipies are thanks

  127. sam says:

    Why doesn’t it apply to the bds buckets?

  128. Shawolf says:

    Could you add all the recipes of food to the recipe book? That would be useful when playing with friends that doesn’t know about the mod, thanks.

  129. BurgerManBruh says:

    I put the file into the behavior pack folder but when I open Minecraft it isn’t there

  130. Shawolf says:

    Hello, how can I get back the Wandering Trader? Is there an option or something?

  131. Loganne Murphy says:

    Hey really do love this mod. I’ve been in creative for almost a day now just making a restaurant for this. But I can’t seem to plant and of the seeds??? Really do love it though

  132. Tahnee Painter says:

    How do i find fruit such as bananas,raspberrys,etc?

  133. HUNTER MILLIKEN says:

    Is this a behavior pack or resource pack

  134. Olakeaceprro says:

    How do we plant the seeds and saplings??

  135. Alapolla says:

    How do we plant seeds and saplings?

  136. Destruidor says:

    When web can out the seeds and the saplens

  137. Destruidor says:

    How do i get the squid on survival

  138. SotarkAcer says:

    Why when I eat any food only restores 2 hunger points? Is a bug? (sorry for my bad english 🙁 ).

  139. Anonymous says:

    How do I download? I’m on iPad

  140. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hey it’s not letting me make anything just the bacon and cooked bacon and the eggs please help none of the other things r working

  141. DeKaazerGames says:

    can other players eat the food too? it is bec i used a food addon in the past and only I (the host) coulth eat the food..

  142. Kiki says:

    Soo i can’t get the custom crafting table, i am in ex gamemode, but i can’t get it even from /give, I have all the food, i try to craft it in the regular crafting table only about 5 recipes work and the others don’t. Am i doing something wrong?

  143. Pony_YT says:

    Is there the foods in creative inventory? If so where is it? Also are the foods only supposed to be crafted in survival? qwq

  144. Soggy says:

    Canu update the site to have images. Im to confused tryi g to understand the text

  145. Destruidor says:

    The recipe book don’t work but the addon os amazing

  146. bloody JOSH 837 says:

    I just love this addon i don’t know if this works but this is the greatest food addon ever, And thank you for the direct link too. <3

  147. Honeybun says:

    I love this Addon so much that I called the programmer of this website just to tell them how much I love this. They agreed to give you your probs honey 🤣 again love it 🥰

  148. jarredgo says:

    Thankyou so much for a direct link!!!

  149. bruh says:

    when i downloaded it, literally nothing happened. is there a thing i need?

  150. Potato says:

    It won’t download for me, I tried both links, it says it’s .zip and won’t go to Minecraft (I’m iPhone 8+ so is that a problem) I then tried the second link and it does the same, I tried to redirect the download and it didn’t work.

  151. Pickles says:

    Some of the food doesn’t show like the pizza, pink cupcake, empty wedge pot, exotic trader, cappuccino, cornflower, pita bread, pizza, vanilla seeds, pizza base, pie_apple_raspberry, tomato puree, and white wine. But the rest does show. Overall, great addon 5/5 stars.

  152. UnsellingBirch says:

    Pretty cool

  153. Destruidor says:

    How do I plant the seeds ?

  154. Destruidor says:

    Nice foods 👍

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