Lots More Food Bedrock Add-on

Ever thought that Minecraft needed more food? Then this is your pack! This pack adds more than 50+ Foods. use to replenish those health and hunger points. This pack also includes MorePlants to get the food. There is also a Java Edition Version.

Lots More Food Pack

By: Legopitstop & Sir_Craftypants

Find the crafting recipes at my website legopitstop.weebly.com Found a bug? Fill out a bug report Here

All Food & items for recipes:

bacon recipe:

Review Videos:


Built on 1.14.1 windows 10

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Changelog View more


+ New "Test Features" button (BP & RP settings)

+ Morefood villager moved to testing

+ Plant-able Crops!!! turn on pack test features

+ Added the rest of the recipes

+ Added title logo "Minecraft Lots More Food"

+ Added .zip and .mcaddon links/mirrors

+ Added turn on test play to how to install.


+ Added more recipes

+ New loading messages

+ New splashes

+ Added credit UI

+ Fixed some textures

+ Cleaned up textures

+ Wandering trader is More Food Trader

v0.0.4 Changelog

+ fixed - Some food item textures don't show up.

+ added cooked_bat_meat

+ added some recipes (Check recipes doc)







+ squid and bats drop their meat counter part.

+ bacon recipe will now give 4 bacon.

+ Added bug report link to description. (via legopitstop.weebly.com


1. Click one of the links to download

2. Once you have downloaded click the .addon file.

3. It should automatically open Minecraft and install

4. Make sure to have an experimental game on.

Turn on pack testing for plantable seeds & more!

1. Go to behavior packs

2. Select pack and click the gear/settings

3. Slide the slider to the left until it says "testing - ON"

4. Do the same for the resource pack.


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

118 Responses

3.8 / 5 (50 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    turn on experimental game

  2. xxMCSCREExx says:

    Can someone please tell me how to turn on pack testing I can’t figure out how

    • Legopitstop says:

      select the pack once imported, next to the green checkmark you will find a cog or gear select that. then move the slider to the left to turn on pack testing. do this for resource and behavior packs

  3. Kiera says:

    why cant i craft any of the items? please reply, because i really love this add on

  4. MarinGC says:

    Excelente addon, funciona pero no me sé las recetas, solo hice la receta de tocino por eso sé que funciona, pero no me aparecen las recetas, como lo hago?

  5. nrpizza says:

    Hola oye estoy jugandolo en android y no se salen las recetas active el juego en modo experimental y no salen los crafteos tienes las imágenes de las recetas

  6. moni says:

    this isnt good i dont know how to get the food crafting table

  7. Jason says:

    I can’t download this addon on iOS, how do I download the addon on iOS?

    • Anonymous says:

      download one of the .mcaddon links (the second one is adfly) then you should get a ‘open in..’ click that then copy to Minecraft, it should then open and import into Minecraft.

  8. nrpizza says:

    el mejor addon de comida para bedrock
    una pregunta cuando lo actualizaran faltan algunas recetas?

  9. Cucumber Suprise says:

    The receipe book doesn’t work can you make it that there is crafting recipes showed in the ui if u can’t please make it that the receipe book has the crafting recipes in it

  10. Kiera says:

    I downloaded it, i did all the steps, but i can’t find it please help

    • Legopitstop says:

      on mobile: once you have downloaded the pack click on “open..” and copy to minecraft.
      on windows 10: downloed the pack and click on it in your browser or check your download folder, then click on it. it should import into minecraft.

      • cat puff says:

        HEY! I got this but it doesn’t work in Minecraft, i successfully downloaded but it doesn’t work to actually use it. Minecraft is just the same i put on the behavior and resource, tried experimental gameplay also! Help!

  11. Rrrr says:

    Cool addon thank you for it

  12. Lookinformods says:

    Sorry, but I am on an Xbox and I don’t have plants. At All. Like none. Why is that? Is the More plants mod you created required? I am just confused. But please, reply, maybe I am doing something wrong? Everything else would work if I had the vegetables and fruits. It ruins the mod. Thank you for making this mod though. It is quite good and has very high quality items.

  13. HaxFF says:

    I have a idea , why you do not add new fruits and meats

  14. Hacktop1gg says:

    Hello, the recipe book does not work in the recipes on the site there is a sliced ​​loaf and in the game there is no correction

  15. Maestro says:

    The addon is 10/5 stars but just a suggestion; all foods only fill two hunger bars and should have vary. For example, donuts should fill 2 hunger bars, cupcakes 1 bar. Hamburgers and vegan burgers should fill 7-8 hunger bars. Tacos should fill 1 1/2 hunger bars. Burrito should fill 5 bars. Pizza should fill 8 to all hunger bars. All drinks should fill 1 to 2 hunger bars. Sandwiches and egg muffin should fill 5 hunger bars. There should be a variety on how much hunger bars should be filled depending on the food. But overall, it works. Another note, the hamburger recipe doesn’t work , so some recipes dont work. But still the best food addon.

  16. deadliestrex4 says:

    hey, so i can’t plant anything, i can’t plant trees, or seeds, i’m on xbox and downloaded everything right

    am i missing anything on how to plant them?

  17. Chipa says:

    I can’t make flour 🙁 in bedrock is not implemented yet??

    • Legopitstop says:

      not all recipes are added yet (there is a lot) in the document above there will be italic text next to the item with the version that it is added or going to be added in the next version.

  18. Gus says:

    It doesn’t work:(

  19. Destruidor says:

    Can you make the recipe book work plz

  20. cuboplays says:

    The behaviour pack doesn’t load when entering world. I’ve tried everything, but it still doesn’t work.

  21. Sai says:

    Sorry, I can’t understand how to do many things, could you do them with images?

  22. Toledc says:

    Hi, I just want to say that it is a good complement, but something is wrong. I can’t plant the trees and seeds.

  23. Burgermanbruh says:

    I’m in survival but when I try to craft something I’m not able to. I have the behavior and resource packs on

  24. Miku says:

    So i just got this addon its great! But i cant find strawberries or the more plants so is it being worked on or did i miss it? Im on mpe

  25. ZenxBaru says:

    Is this for Behavior Or Resource Pack?
    I’m guessing it’s good but I don’t know?

  26. caleb daggett says:

    can some one tell me what the recipies are thanks

  27. sam says:

    Why doesn’t it apply to the bds buckets?

  28. Shawolf says:

    Could you add all the recipes of food to the recipe book? That would be useful when playing with friends that doesn’t know about the mod, thanks.

  29. BurgerManBruh says:

    I put the file into the behavior pack folder but when I open Minecraft it isn’t there

  30. Shawolf says:

    Hello, how can I get back the Wandering Trader? Is there an option or something?

  31. Loganne Murphy says:

    Hey really do love this mod. I’ve been in creative for almost a day now just making a restaurant for this. But I can’t seem to plant and of the seeds??? Really do love it though

  32. Tahnee Painter says:

    How do i find fruit such as bananas,raspberrys,etc?


    Is this a behavior pack or resource pack

  34. Olakeaceprro says:

    How do we plant the seeds and saplings??

  35. Alapolla says:

    How do we plant seeds and saplings?

  36. Destruidor says:

    When web can out the seeds and the saplens

  37. Destruidor says:

    How do i get the squid on survival

  38. SotarkAcer says:

    Why when I eat any food only restores 2 hunger points? Is a bug? (sorry for my bad english 🙁 ).

  39. Anonymous says:

    How do I download? I’m on iPad

  40. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hey it’s not letting me make anything just the bacon and cooked bacon and the eggs please help none of the other things r working

  41. DeKaazerGames says:

    can other players eat the food too? it is bec i used a food addon in the past and only I (the host) coulth eat the food..

  42. Kiki says:

    Soo i can’t get the custom crafting table, i am in ex gamemode, but i can’t get it even from /give, I have all the food, i try to craft it in the regular crafting table only about 5 recipes work and the others don’t. Am i doing something wrong?

  43. Pony_YT says:

    Is there the foods in creative inventory? If so where is it? Also are the foods only supposed to be crafted in survival? qwq

  44. Soggy says:

    Canu update the site to have images. Im to confused tryi g to understand the text

  45. Destruidor says:

    The recipe book don’t work but the addon os amazing

  46. bloody JOSH 837 says:

    I just love this addon i don’t know if this works but this is the greatest food addon ever, And thank you for the direct link too. <3

  47. Honeybun says:

    I love this Addon so much that I called the programmer of this website just to tell them how much I love this. They agreed to give you your probs honey 🤣 again love it 🥰

  48. jarredgo says:

    Thankyou so much for a direct link!!!

  49. bruh says:

    when i downloaded it, literally nothing happened. is there a thing i need?

  50. Potato says:

    It won’t download for me, I tried both links, it says it’s .zip and won’t go to Minecraft (I’m iPhone 8+ so is that a problem) I then tried the second link and it does the same, I tried to redirect the download and it didn’t work.

  51. Pickles says:

    Some of the food doesn’t show like the pizza, pink cupcake, empty wedge pot, exotic trader, cappuccino, cornflower, pita bread, pizza, vanilla seeds, pizza base, pie_apple_raspberry, tomato puree, and white wine. But the rest does show. Overall, great addon 5/5 stars.

  52. UnsellingBirch says:

    Pretty cool

  53. Destruidor says:

    How do I plant the seeds ?

  54. Destruidor says:

    Nice foods 👍

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