Published on September 25, 2017 (Updated on September 25, 2017)

1431023779: Lots of Ravines, Villages, Desert Temples & More

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Does this work on xbox one?
I died when I found the dungeon
does someone found Taiga biome on this seed? I'd like to have a wolf but I can't find any..
I love this seed my bro is going to flip when he sees this seed
I scouted out this seed and it's pretty legit.I do have some things to say:

1.The temple at spawn is by far the best one. You get all three types of horse armor AND FOUR SADDLES!
2.Either it's underground, or the ravine at 623, 64, 93 is missing, or I simply typed in the coords wrong. Or it's underground. Not sure.
3.I also could not find n exposed dungeon at 1035, 65, 800. But there is a flower forest, so I'm in the right ballpark for where it actually might be.
4.I would only go out to cluster 4 if you're in it for the ravines/ temple. There's nothing noteworthy about the village (I would even say that the coords are a few blocks outside the coordinates listed there), however I found a golden apple at the temple over that way.
5. Mr. Anonymous, who posted on November 17, is right. There is a spider dungeon at the posted coords of 67, 48, -42. But the loot is only meh.
6. Is anyone willing to post direct coordinates to the village Voxoss mention was to the right of spawn? I had a hell of a time finding it, without any luck. That would be great!

Overall, I give this more than five stars if I could. This seed gives you the ability to grab horses almost immediately (After all, there's a billion savannahs all over the place) , has great loot, and the lava in the ravines presents an opportunity to accelerate your way to diamonds, then obsidian, and through both dimensions. Someone should speedrun the game on this world!
Thank you ?
Never tried
What shader/texture pack did you use for the pictures??
It miss spelled my name it is cooper
i don't know anything
ThisDudesAllAboutMcpe February 06, 2018 at 5:52 pm
AMAZING ?????????<3