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Published on April 19, 2021 (Updated on April 19, 2021)

Lower Shield

It is a texture to fix the apparently buggy shield of the most current official version of minecraft bedrock edition (at the time of uploading this), maybe it will help you to play a little more comfortable minecraft bedrock edition, it can be used for pvp!

I have created this texture for minecraft bedrock edition version 1.16.210-1.16.220 to fix the annoying and obstructive shield that we have in the vanilla texture. Downloading and importing this texture you can have a smaller shield that allows you to recover much of the vision lost in this version, it also has a slightly different texture to make it more beautiful


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I put a new texture for the shield, is more pretty!


  • Download the .mcpack file
  • Open it and wait for the texture to be imported correctly
  • Activate the texture in your global settings
  • Time to play!  

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There seems to be a line of the shield's texture that hovers above it, please fix this
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I thought it was just me who find the shield bigger in the latest version.

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I needed it, thanks.
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Can you hide it completely?
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