Published on September 29, 2021 (Updated on September 29, 2021)

Lucky Block Entity (Addon)

Do you like lucky blocks? Well, you will like this addon, since it adds a new lucky block but in the form of a very cute entity. With which you can get random things for your survival world.

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esse addons é simplesmente oque eu estava procurando, ele é incrivel em todos os aspectos, espero vir mais atualizações com novidades(^-^
Is this addon work in 1.17.41?
Hello, your addon is very excellent, I want to reprint your works to Minecraft China Edition,more Chinese players will see your works and ask the author for commercial authorization (the Chinese version stipulates that reprinting works must be commercial authorization).
Thank you. I hope to get your reply.
Thank you, please send us a private message via twitter to:
The angry boxes keep kicking my butt. I love it. This is a very fun little mod you've got here. Thank you so much for it.
Thanks to you for downloading our addon :)